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How to Avoid Prescription Errors

It is well known that prescription errors are one of the leading causes of mortality in the United States, not too far away from conditions like cardiac arrest. The most common cause of prescription errors come from the administration of the incorrect dose. About one in five prescription errors come right from the hand of pharmacists that are not given the proper medical prescription, while the rest usually comes from not administering the proper drug for the patients as specific condition and other lingering health complication.

However, there are many ways that you can help both yourself and your doctor to avoid a prescription drug error from ever happening. Here is a quick list of things that you can do.

Pay Close Attention to What Your Doctor Is Prescribing You

Whenever your doctor is prescribing you a drug, make sure that you ask your doctor all about the drug itself.

Read the Label

Make sure you find out how to properly administer the drug. Be aware of any restrictions that might be required, such as avoiding other types of medication. Also, make sure you know about any side effects that the drug might cause.

Make Sure You Are Taking the Right Dose

First off, make sure you have been given the proper dosage. Then make sure you are following the proper guidelines on how to administer the drug. Avoid eye measuring or using non-precise tools such as a spoon.

Follow the Schedule

Make sure you’re taking the drug at the right time of the day, the required number of times a day, the right days of the week, and the exact weeks that you are supposed to be taking the drug. Do not skip on days or take more than you are required to, because that will not only compromise the treatment but also put you at danger of suffering worse side effects or even worsening your health condition.

Watch out for the Side Effects

If you ever feel that you are suffering any unintended health complications while taking the drug, then stop its administration and get in contact with your doctor immediately. This is usually a sign that you have not been prescribed the correct drug or that maybe the treatment is not sufficient to deal with your health condition. When you do that, make sure you are also taking the drug container with you, or at least the label.

If You Have Any Doubts, Ask Your Doctor

Your doctor can only do their job properly if they are well informed about your condition. On one hand, it is their job to properly assess your condition based on diagnosis and your medical record, but on the other hand, your doctor also requires feedback from you. keep in touch with your doctor, call them if you have any doubts about your treatment or drugs you were taking. if they don’t give you A satisfactory answer, then get a second opinion from another qualified doctor.

And of course, if all else fails, having a good attorney close can be of great help. Get in touch with us if you are suffering from any health condition caused by a prescription error.

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