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How to File a Golf Cart Injury Lawsuit

Golf carts are no longer only found on the golf course. In fact, the golf cart market will exceed $1.5 billion in 2022 as they become more common in residential neighborhoods. Like any type of motor vehicle, riding in a golf cart poses its own set of risks. Golf carts might lack the size and speed of a typical car, but collisions can still cause significant injury. Knowing how to safely operate and ride one is critical, but if you or a loved one is in an accident, you will want to know how to file a golf cart injury lawsuit.

How Common Are Accidents?

As they’ve increased in popularity as an alternative method of transportation, golf cart accidents have increased as well. The most recent golf cart injury statistics show that approximately 18,000 accidents occur annually in the United States. This number is concerning because these vehicles typically lack traditional safety features such as safety belts, doors, mirrors, or even lights. With that in mind, some golf carts can reach up to 30 mph. At that speed, injuries sustained in an accident could be fatal. Data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimates 156,040 people received emergency room treatment for golf cart-related injuries between 2007 and 2017.

Despite the rate of accidents and injury, there have not been any meaningful changes made to the design of the typical golf cart. This means it is up to drivers and riders to take the necessary safety precautions.

What Causes Golf Cart Accidents?

As is the case with motor vehicle accidents, the most common cause of golf cart accidents is driver negligence. This can be as simple as someone too young or inexperienced behind the wheel. It can also mean someone is operating a golf cart under the influence or driving recklessly. The driver’s negligence can lead to the cart going off course, jumping a curve, or flipping over, resulting in serious golf cart injury.

Who Is Most at Risk?

Research has shown that children and young adults are most at risk of sustaining a golf cart injury. A team from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia conducted a nationwide study on golf cart-related injuries in adolescents and found that golf cart injuries per year have increased to more than 6,500. More than half of those injuries occurred in children under the age of 12.

This is partly due to an increased popularity among younger drivers. While regulations vary by state, it isn’t unheard of for some places to allow children as young as 14 to legally operate a golf cart with little oversight or supervision. Fortunately, the study also found that the most common injuries were superficial such as lacerations and bruises. The second most common type of injury includes fractures and dislocations, which are significantly more severe. In cases where negligence leads to these injuries, individuals may pursue a golf cart injury lawsuit to seek compensation for damages incurred.

How to File a Lawsuit

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As is the case with all accidents, successful golf course injury claims must prove that another party is liable for the accident, such as proving the driver of the golf cart was negligent. This holds that person responsible for the financial damage you experienced as a result of your injury.

If you’re looking for help on filing a golf cart injury lawsuit in Phoenix, look no further than Avrek Law. We have more than 50 years of combined experience resolving cases in favor of clients who were wrongfully injured. Avrek Law has recovered more than $1 billion in compensation for injury victims in more than 45,000 cases. Contact us for your free consultation to learn more!

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