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How long do you have to file a personal injury claim?

Depending on the particulars of your situation/case, you will have a finite amount of time in which to file a personal injury lawsuit. This is not a limitless amount of time. The amount of time can also be dependent upon your specific situation. Nonetheless, regardless of your situation, it is important to appreciate the fact that you do not have a limitless amount of time. Generally personal injury cases will have from 1-6 years (depending on state and case details) to file a lawsuit against the personal for damages. It’s a common question to ask “how long do I have to file a personal injury claim,” but the personal injury lawyers at Avrek can help you navigate the legal process. You can call Avrek 24/7 at 866-598-5548.

Established by the state, the statute of limitations refers to the maximum amount of time in which legal proceedings with respect to a specific event can be initiated. The idea here is to facilitate a legal resolution in a reasonable amount of time. In terms of a civil situation, you are only going to have a certain amount of time in which to seek financial compensation for your injuries. Generally speaking, passing your statute of limitations means exhausting all options. If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit against a party you deem to be responsible for your current situation, you will want to get the ball rolling on this endeavor straight away.

Some people refuse to file a personal injury lawsuit, simply because they suspect that too much time has gone by. While the statute of limitations is something you do want to keep in mind, remember that this is still not something you should merely guess at. It is crucial to understand the point in which you can no longer file a personal injury lawsuit. This is just one element to understanding your legal rights at all times.

Understanding Statute Of Limitations

Your statute of limitations is going to depend keenly on where you live. The particular facts of your case will also play a large role in determining how much time you have to file a legal claim against someone. In terms of California, and in terms of the legal situations you are likely to encounter there, several things are going to be worth keeping in mind:

  • Personal injury: Your statute of limitation in this area is going to be around two years.
  • Medical malpractice: Your statute of limitations in this area is around three years from the date of the injury. If you don’t discover the injury until later on, the statute begins from the moment in which you discovered the injury.
  • Government claims: Within six months of your incident, you must have your claim filed with the agency in question. In the event that the entity denies your claim, you’re going to have a certain window of time in which to file a suit.
  • Property damages: These must be filed three days from the point in which the damage took place.

These are just four potential scenarios to keep in mind. In the end, if you have any questions or doubts as to your legal status, you will want to contact an attorney as soon as possible. When it comes to personal injury lawsuit matters, there are so many different elements that come into play. There is so much that needs to be considered. When you go to the best for legal advice and more, you are taking advantage of insight that will consider all of these different elements that we are talking about.

You will have a clear idea of your legal standing and rights. You will not only understand your rights as they apply to the statute of limitations. You will also understand your rights as they apply to all matters concerning a potential personal injury lawsuit.

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Filing a lawsuit can sometimes take time. You may not even suspect you have legal rights, until a significant amount of time has passed. You may also have other matters to address, before you can put your focus on something as intensive as a personal injury lawsuit. Finally, some people simply find that they have to work up their courage, since these lawsuits can sometimes prove to be quite stressful. To learn more about your potential case check out the Avrek personal injury calculator.

All of these things can certainly slow you down. If a certain amount of time has passed, remember that your situation is not inherently less valid as a result. Nonetheless, it is imperative that you get things moving on a personal injury claim as soon as possible. Now is the time to move forward. Contact Avrek Law Firm today.

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