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Detecting Subtle Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI for short, is a medical condition caused by traumatic force directed towards the brain, causing damage to the brain cells. Because the brain is responsible for everything that our body does, a TBI can manifest in a plethora of different ways – from the development of a speech impediment, to lowered intellectual capacity, and even difficulty performing motor tasks. What’s truly distressing about TBIs aside from the manifestations and disabilities it can cause is the fact that brain cells do not regenerate, and that means a person with a TBI will most likely have to live with the effects of the injury.

Although one might think that any sort of brain damage would be easy to detect, there are some instances when a TBI manifests in very subtle ways making it very difficult to notice.

“Mild” Traumatic Brain Injury – A Myth?

To better identify the extent of damage and disability caused by a TBI, doctors and researchers developed a grading system that designates cases of TBIs to specific categories. While some traumatic brain injuries are relatively more “mild” compared to more extensive TBI conditions, many often misconstrue this term to mean that a specific case of TBI is not serious. It’s important to recognize that the term “mild” is used to compare a less extensive case of TBI with its sever counterparts, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less life threatening. That said, it’s ideal that a person who incurs a mild TBI consults an experienced physician and, in the event of an accident or assault, hires a seasoned personal injury lawyer to help identify the extent of a mild TBI.

How to Detect a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

By understanding the signs of a mild TBI with the help of your doctor or lawyer, you will be able to file the right case and redeem a claim appropriate for your case. Here are some of the many different signs and symptoms of a mild TBI:

  • Unusually labile emotions and reactions
  • Difficulty or inability to perform multiple tasks at once
  • Poor memory
  • Oversensitivity to light and sounds
  • Confusion and difficulty performing everyday activities like bathing
  • Constant headaches and dizziness that cause limited productivity

What To Do If You Experience These Symptoms

It’s not life threatening to experience a headache every now and then, but if you suspect that your headaches and other symptoms are stemming from a more serious problem, it’s essential that you seek the appropriate care and assistance to keep your condition from exacerbating.

If in case your TBI was caused by a third party, don’t allow the situation to pass without getting just compensation for the injuries you sustained. Because it can be difficult to prove a TBI claim, especially when it’s a milder case, it’s ideal that you hire a professional lawyer to help you through the process.

Hire a Professional Lawyer at Avrek Law

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Whether your traumatic brain injury was caused by a car accident, an assault, or simply a nasty fall, we have what it takes to make sure that the responsible party pays for the injuries that you incurred.

Give yourself a fighting chance and win the battle for justice by hiring one of our professional personal injury lawyers today because at Avrek Law, you’re in good hands.

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How much is your case worth?

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