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When You Need a Children’s Injury Lawyer in Your Corner

If your child has been injured, your first thought might not be that you need a children’s personal injury lawyer. At the moment, you’re just focused on getting your kid safe and healthy. However, if disaster strikes, it’s helpful to understand scenarios in which negligence has played a role, what to do if your child has been injured, how to deal with excess medical costs, and some of the most common situations in which you might need a good personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

When Could a Children’s Injury Lawyer Be the Right Next Step?

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of ways kids get hurt. While some injuries are just general bumps and bruises that small children experience every day, other injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence. That’s when you might need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. 

For example, more than 200,000 kids go to the ER every year because of playground-related injuries. According to the National Safety Council, playground accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, including elevated areas without barriers, head entrapment spaces like openings between rails, sharp edges, and ground surfaces without at least 12 inches of protection from exposed concrete or other hard surfaces. 

These structural hazards shouldn’t exist. If they do — and cause your kid to hurt themselves — it might be time to reach out to a children’s lawyer for personal injury.

Meanwhile, about 8,000 kids in the U.S. are treated in emergency rooms every year for fall-related injuries. These could be anything from broken bones or soft tissue injuries to serious head injuries.

Super Woman Super Lawyer Maryam Parman, founder of Avrek Law Firm, recently won an 11 million dollar personal injury settlement from a similar case. A young boy suffered a significant brain injury after falling through a defective window. As a top children’s personal injuries lawyer in the country, Parman was able to hold multiple parties accountable, including the Homeowners Association, the window manufacturer, and the property’s brokers.

Other common personal injury lawsuits involving children include injuries sustained because of daycare negligence, dog bites, bicycle accidents, or car accidents.

My Child Was in a Car Accident… Now What?

personal injury lawyer for kids

More than 162,000 kids suffered injuries from car accidents in 2021 — that’s an average of about 444 every day. 

It’s impossible to protect against all crashes, especially if another driver’s negligence is involved. However, parents can rest a little easier when they buckle their kid into one of the best-rated car seats for safety. The more you proactively prepare for the worst, the more peace of mind you’ll have as you drive your kid to school, the park, or their grandparents’ house.

No parent ever wants their child to be a part of the nation’s car crash statistics. But if you do find yourself in an accident while your child is in the car, keep in mind a few important things: 

Get to safety. It’s impossible to assess injuries or protect your child if you’re still in the middle of the road where the crash happened. Pull over to evaluate the next steps.

Pay attention to all symptoms. Some injuries will be obvious, like bruises or bleeding cuts. But some won’t be as obvious to the naked eye. If your child complains of a head or backache, even if you don’t see an outward injury, go to the doctor immediately. 

Evaluate your legal options. Most insurance companies will pay out the bare minimum after a car accident. Depending on the extent of your child’s injuries, this might not be enough. That’s when it can be helpful to have excellent legal support, like Maryam Parman.

Why Avrek Law is the Premier Children’s Injury Lawyer: Help Beyond the Courtroom

Whether your child has been injured because of someone’s negligence or if they’re struggling with an illness, one truth remains: medical care is expensive. That reality is exacerbated even more if health insurance coverage has been denied. 

That’s where the Maryam Parman Foundation steps in. In addition to being the best personal injury lawyer who helps families get financial settlements in the courtroom, The Maryam Parman Foundation provides necessary medical resources for injured or ill children. Whether a child needs in-home nursing, a specific medical device, handicap accessibilities, or a particular kind of therapy, the foundation gets those resources to the child in need — and alleviates the anxiety their family feels when those medical bills stack up.
With over $1 billion recovered in more than 45,000 personal injury cases and over 50 years of combined experience in child injury cases, Avrek Law Firm is here to help. View our locations, including Los Angeles, and contact us at (323) 405-9425 or visit our website for a free consultation to learn more!

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