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As a Delivery Driver, Can I Sue Amazon for Injury at Work?

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With about 147 million Americans signed-up for Amazon Prime, and growing every year, Amazon’s transportation network runs 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week to meet the promise of two-day delivery. Having those packages show up at your doorstep on time requires an innovative and robust system of automation and human power, and as demand grows the number of people behind the wheel of delivery trucks also increases. So much so, there’s likely someone delivering an Amazon package in your neighborhood right now or you might even be the one making those deliveries happen. 

As delivery demand increases, more pressure is put on the people who run that delivery network in order for companies like Amazon to stay profitable. If you’re an Amazon delivery driver, then you know the stress of doing your job quickly and effectively — without sacrificing the safety of other drivers on the road. Striking this balance is sometimes easier said than done. The more deliveries you make means your odds of getting in an accident isn’t a matter of if, but when. 

Can I sue Amazon for injury at work? The answer depends on a lot of different variables, but the odds of you winning a case to sue Amazon for negligence drastically increases if you’re working with a qualified law firm like Avrek Law. 

Do All Delivery Truck Drivers Require Similar Insurance Policies?

Not only do insurance policies differ from company to company, but they also differ depending on the type of delivery vehicle involved in the accident and how the driver is employed by the company. 

In the event of a car accident with an Amazon Flex driver, a UPS truck accident or handling FedEx accident claims, you will want to collect as much information about the driver as possible. If the driver is considered a full-time employee with the company, and not on contract with them, the insurance options and your legal options will differ greatly. If you’re the employee who is injured while making these deliveries, then your legal options will also vary depending on the contract you signed with the company.  

For example, Amazon Relay drivers are contracted out privately to operate big rigs and heavy-duty trucks that require an active interstate Operating Authority and DOT number. Before applying for this job, drivers are considered independent contractors and must hold a variety of insurance policies such as Commercial General Liability, Auto Liability, Cargo, Workers’ Compensation and Employer Liability. These requirements place much of the risk on the driver. However, if you are injured while making deliveries for Amazon, then you’ll want to work with a lawyer to ensure you’re getting the full amount from your insurance policy based on your injuries and damages.

Amazon Flex drivers are similar to Relay drivers, but they use their own personal vehicles to operate as a contracted business working on behalf of Amazon. As a Flex driver, you are required to have your own insurance to be allowed to deliver packages in your state (excluding New York). However, drivers do receive Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy at no additional cost. As a private contractor, you have a different set of rights available to you in the event of being injured in an accident while making deliveries. If this is the case, then contact a lawyer who understands the legal differences between a for-hire contract employee and a full-time employee. 

Can You Sue for Getting Hurt on the Job?

three men working in a warehouse - can I sue Amazon for injury at work

Despite being a global corporation with 1.3 million employees worldwide, around 70% of all Amazon employees work in the United States. This accounts for 980,000 employees in corporate offices, in warehouses and making deliveries out on the road. No matter what type of employee you are, you always have the option to sue the company, especially if you can prove the company’s negligence contributed to your accident.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the victim in an accident with an Amazon driver or you are the driver, it’s important to exchange insurance information immediately after the accident. You’ll want to report the accident to local law enforcement (and your employer), take pictures of the accident, get the other driver’s insurance information, collect the contact details of witnesses and seek medical attention — if you’re severely injured this will likely be step one. You will also want to keep all your records, such as medical bills, accident reports and insurance communication about the incident until after the statute of limitations involving the case ends. 

The amount of information you collect immediately after the accident will either strengthen or weaken your case to maximize the insurance pay-out that might be available to you.   

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Can I sue Amazon for injury at work? The answer depends on a lot of different factors, which is why working with an experienced lawyer will help you know if you have a case. With more than 50 years combined experience representing cases in several states that involve delivery truck driving accidents, Avrek Law are experts when it comes to ensuring you get the justice you deserve. The consultation is free and you’ll get advice from a law firm with more than $1 billion recovered in more than 45,000 cases. View one of our locations or contact us for a free consultation.

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