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Can a Car Accident Cause Sciatica Pain?

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Each car accident is a potentially catastrophic event, inviting unpredictable consequences for everyone involved, with no limit to the physical risks and injuries possible. These injuries fall into many categories. Beyond the potential tragedy of a fatality, injuries incurred in car accidents can range from life-altering to seemingly minor – at first. After a car accident, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor and consider seeking legal representation, as some injuries may not be readily apparent. One common type of injury that can follow after a car accident, yet may not be discovered immediately, is sciatica.

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica pain, you’ll immediately recognize what it feels like. If you haven’t, sciatica can be explained as a sharp, shooting pain, running from the lower back down the outside, back, or front of the leg. Often, sciatica pain is immobilizing, forcing you to stop whatever you’re doing. If you’re experiencing sciatica pain from car accident injuries, Avrek Law may be able to help you seek compensation. 

What is the sciatic nerve for?

The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves in the body, providing sensation all the way from the pelvic area to the skin in the foot, along with the vast majority of the lower leg. It also innervates several different muscle groups and layers in the leg. Due to all of the major touchpoints the sciatic nerve covers, the lower back and legs can exhibit pain when the nerve is pressed on or irritated by a muscle or spinal disk. Sciatic nerve pain from car accident injuries is common among traffic collision victims, and can lead to further complications.

What is sciatica pain like?

Often described as a burning, radiating pain that erupts from the lower back, running all the way down one leg to the foot, sciatica pain can also be accompanied by numbness in the back of the leg.

Older person clutching back in pain, answering the question can a car accident cause sciatica pain

The most frequent causes of sciatica pain, known more commonly in medical circles simply as sciatica, can include:

  • Herniated disks
  • Bone spurs on the spine
  • A narrowing of the spine (spinal stenosis)
  • Traumatic injury

All of these compress part of the sciatic nerve, and this causes inflammation, pain, and even numbness, in the affected leg.

Being involved in a car accident can easily lead to any of the circumstances listed above, which can result in sciatica pain. Many people experience sciatic nerve pain after car accident injuries, and this lingering pain can severely hamper quality of life for the injured. Further severe complications of sciatica can include permanent nerve damage, or incontinence. Whether it’s an inability to work, compromised leisure time, or a negative impact on sleeping habits, sciatica pain from a car accident can leave injured individuals dealing with the consequences of a car accident for months, or even years, after the event.

Suffering sciatica pain from car accident injuries? Avrek Law may be able to help.

In many cases, the answer to the question, “Can a car accident cause sciatica pain?” is “Yes.” If you’re suffering from sciatica pain, get in touch with Avrek today. Our team of skilled personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to build strong cases for car accident and sciatica injury victims. Our proven track record of recovering more than $1 Billion for our clients speaks for itself. Fill out our form for a free consultation – we’re here to help!

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