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Avoiding Misdiagnosis: Five Ways to Help Your Avoid Misdiagnosis

While you may think that misdiagnosis is rather uncommon in the medical field, the fact is that it is actually not. A rather large number of medical malpractice lawsuits stem from the misdiagnosis of a medical condition, illness or injury. Whenever a doctor’s diagnosis leads to an error or incorrect treatment, a patient’s condition can be made much worse, even putting them in danger of dying.

There are, however, many ways you can take in order to protect yourself from medical misdiagnosis. Here is a quick a list of five you can do in order to avoid misdiagnosis.

Keep a Copy of Any Medical Records

By law, your doctor has to hold a record of any medical procedures or treatments that are performed on you, and also a list of any ailments that you are already suffering. You can get a copy of this record if you ask the medical personnel of the medical center you are attending or even request it directly from your doctor.

Avoid Self-Diagnosis

A big mistake many people commit is attempting to self-diagnose whenever they start to develop health complications. On one hand, this could make the person in question avoid seeking medical help when the symptoms are very easy to treat. On the other hand, they might attempt to get the wrong treatment for their condition. This not only makes it more difficult to quickly treat a health condition but also increases the chances of misdiagnosis.

Always Take Notes Before You See Your Doctor

A way to make your doctor’s work easier is to take notes about all the symptoms you are currently experiencing. This includes not only clear-cut symptoms such as headaches but also any recent dramatic changes in your lifestyle the time before and during your health problems. Also, it is a good idea to inform your doctor about any medication you are currently using.

Do Not Be Afraid of Asking Your Doctor Questions

It is true that it is not easy to deal with health conditions, especially severe ones such as cancer. However, it is important that you remain up-to-date with the current state of your health, and the best way to do that is to keep in close contact with your doctor. It should not only be that you follow your doctor’s instructions, but that you also ask questions about any doubts that you might have. At the same time, it is a good idea to do your homework and gather information about your current condition, either on the internet or through any other verified medical sources.

Always Keep in Mind the Possibility of a Second Opinion

If you have any doubts about your doctor, or you think that they might not be on the right track, you should always consider the possibility of having a second opinion with another qualified doctor, if necessary, at another medical center. However, as stated before, you should not self-diagnose, rather always listen first to the opinions of qualified medical personnel.

Following these tips gives you the best chances to avoid misdiagnosis. However, if all else fails and worst comes to worst, we are here to help you!

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