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Have you been injured physically or psychologically in an accident?
Avrek fights aggressively to get you the medical care you need and the maximum compensation for your damages.

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Just a few small steps to find out if you have a case and what it is worth

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Medical Expenses is the cost of your of your medical treatment after the injury and what more may incur for following treatment.


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Due to various other factors that may in affect each individual case and the expertise the attorney, your settlement may be more or less. We encourage you to consult a few law professional to determine the best representation for your case. For a comprehensive evaluation with Avrek, call 1.888.333.5009 or click to the right for a FREE consultation.

Our Case Results

Auto v. Auto

Motor vehicle accident case and bad faith insurance company practices; defendant’s insurance carrier failed to timely offer the policy limits.

Settlement Amount: $6 million

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