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Defending You After A Serious Personal Injury

The law in California is supposed to provide justice if you are hurt in an accident. But powerful private interests such as insurance companies and corporations use their vast resources to co-opt the legal system to their own ends. That leaves people like you who are going through difficult times in an even more difficult position.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Avrek Law Firm balance the scales of justice for our injured clients by providing aggressive and thoughtful legal representation. Avrek Law gets results for injury victims and their families.

You Deserve Justice & Avrek Law’s Personal Injury Attorneys Fight Aggressively To Help You Get It.

Your Interests Come First

Insurance companies routinely demonstrate a lack of integrity by short-changing injury victims who need money for medical bills and other losses. Insurers act as though they are serving your best interest, when in fact they are serving their own.

At Avrek Law, your priorities are our priority. When we say we put clients first, we mean it. If we accept your case, we are prepared to see it through until the very end using our full arsenal of legal expertise. Avrek Law’s car accident lawyers prepare every case as if it were going to trial. That sends the message to insurance companies that we are serious about client success. The integrity of our firm, based on our record of service and results, has been recognized not only by satisfied clients, but also by the media and the legal community.

We Strive for the Best Outcome for You

A California attorney’s desire to succeed for a client can mean the difference between a minimal insurance recovery and maximum compensation. We care about our clients, their cases and upholding the law. And we will turn our passion into spirited and hard fought advocacy for your rights.

Passionate legal representation in California means never giving up on a case and always looking for creative ways to obtain a top settlement or verdict. In a recent case, a thorough investigation by Avrek attorney Maryam Parman led to a $5 million reward for a brain-injured child after it appeared that only $15,000 of insurance money was available. It’s passion such as this that sets Avrek Law apart from other firms and creates a client experience that is second to none.

We Want You to Ask Questions

Car accidents that are beyond your control can not only cause physical and emotional injuries but also create a general sense of helplessness. By showing compassion for your circumstances and making sure you have legal and medical assistance, Avrek Law hopes to lead you back to a position of strength.

At Avrek Law, we make personal injury law “personal” by responding to client needs swiftly and compassionately. Every step of the way, from the moment we accept your case to the time it’s resolved, our team will keep you informed of where things stand and answer any questions you have.

We also look out for our community by publishing important safety information both on our blog and in print.

Your Satisfaction Is Important to Us

Passion, integrity and accountability are all important characteristics of a successful California law firm, but they are no substitute for success.

Since 1998 Avrek Law has obtained more than $250 million in settlements and verdicts for injured clients. Going beyond the numbers, that’s real money for real people who in many cases are relying on it to avoid financial catastrophe.

Results, for our lawyers, are always measured in terms of clients. While recognition by our legal peers and publications are achievements that make us proud, we ultimately gauge success by our satisfied clients.

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        We have over 30 years experience and Avrek Law has recovered over $250 Million for our clients.


        We represent clients and win cases that other law firms reject. We know a lot of the quirks in case law that most other attorneys aren't familiar with...


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