Truck Accident Lawyers

Most accidents that involve trucks or large vehicles in Pasadena end up with serious results.

Because they are vehicles of enormous size and weight, when they collide with others, these are tremendously damaged and with people the results can be deadly.

Accidents with a truck are usually catastrophic.

Many times these cases are more complex than car crash cases.

The truck industry is strictly regulated, and claims by injury victims can be filed against both the driver and the trucking company.

Truck accident victims have the right to be compensated for damages to their property, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent injuries or disfigurement.

Please note that adjusters and insurers may try to take advantage of victims who are not represented by an experienced accident attorney in Pasadena.

According to police reports, the most common places for truck accidents in Pasadena are the following:

  1. 210 Freeway
  2. 110 Freeway near Highland Park
  3. Highway 225

Top Causes of Truck Accidents in Pasadena

Can’t maneuver quickly to avoid an accident

Unlike cars or motorcycles, it is difficult for trucks to maneuver quickly to avoid an accident/collision; a situation that often happens when trucks change lanes too fast on a road. Difficulty in seeing other vehicles due to blind spots tends to be more common for trucks, especially on the right side of the vehicle. Truck drivers cannot see other cars or small motorcycles, causing an accident during lane changes or sudden turns.

  • Recklessness of other vehicles by not leaving enough space between the trucks and their cars on the road

It is also often the case that cars are way too close to the trucks, putting themselves at risk. One of the general rules is to allow at least 3 seconds between the smaller automobile and the truck, leaving a space of safety between both vehicles. This is because if a truck changes lane and the other small vehicle does not have enough room to maneuver, it will result in a terrible truck accident.

  • Dangerous and stressful work conditions

In addition to the dangerous conditions created by the size and responsibility of driving a truck, the working environment can also be dangerous. More than often truck companies pressure their drivers to work under stressful conditions in order to maximize the number of deliveries. This includes putting in long hours with little rest between shifts and carrying heavy loads.


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Common Injuries From Truck Accidents in Pasadena

When accidents occur, the truck driver and any other person involved in the accident can suffer serious injuries including head and brain damage, broken bones, bruises, and lacerations.

Injured persons may incur in costly medical expenses, physical and mental short or long-term injuries, and economic loss due to lost working time.

Whatever the reason for the accident, the result is usually a significant or fatal injury.

Contact a Truck Attorney in Pasadena

At the Avrek Law Firm we understand the devastating impact that any truck accident may have on your life and your future.

We have successfully helped numerous people and their families throughout southern California and Pasadena, to deal with injuries sustained in truck accidents, and we strive to ensure that all compensations are recovered, but not just any amount of compensation; the real amount that they deserve.

We take all of our cases based on contingency fees, meaning that there is no charge unless you win.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Pasadena, please call the Avrek Law Firm at for a free consultation.

How Long Do I Have To Take Legal Action?

In California, any personal injury claim must be submitted within two years after the accident occurred.

However, there is a discovery rule that applies when you take action for personal injury.

Under this rule, the prescriptive term will begin to run the moment you knew or should have known that you were suffering damage because of the negligence of another or a third party.

Types of Truck Accidents

There are many types of truck accidents, including:

  • Head on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • T-Bone
  • “Right-hand” collisions (when a driver tries to pass a truck on the right side, not realizing that the truck is making a big right turn)
  • Centerline crossing or crash collisions
  • Lane change collisions
  • Slow trucks causing rear-end collisions
  • Vehicles sliding under trucks
  • Loss of control by the truck driver
  • Hit and run

In general, a negligent driver is one who fails to drive reasonably.

When an irresponsible truck driver causes a collision, injured persons may be entitled to compensation from him.

Car crashes can be the result of a variety of factors, and sometimes different parties can accept some level of guilt over an accident.

For this reason, it is important to note that California’s laws recognize the figure of ‘victim negligence’, which means that the injured party may be entitled to compensation even if he or she has partial guilt.

For example, under the figure of ‘victim’s negligence’, an injured party who was 20 percent guilty of the accident would be able to recover about 80 percent of his damages.

What to Do After Truck Accident

Accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles of great size and weight are usually very serious due to their volume and size.

Major road transport companies often have their own research team, which they send to the scene of the accident just after it occurs. So the day after the accident is critical.

The fundamental reason for this haste is that the truck must be inspected, and all of this before the evidence is lost or destroyed.

The main witnesses of the incident must be interviewed, and the clearest evidence must be preserved in the best possible way.

Photographing of the scene, the vehicles and their placement, and debris has to be performed the same day of the accident, and as soon as possible.

The measurement of intersections, rails, and braking tracks, are indispensable to reconstruct what really happened.

Time is a critical factor, so it is essential to act quickly.

If you are facing such a situation:

  • Call 911 to report the incident.
  • Call an attorney who has experience in handling these types of cases in Pasadena.
  • Do not talk to anyone from the transportation company or the insurance company until you have been able to contact your lawyer.
  • Do not sign any document until it has been reviewed by someone you trust.
  • Do not leave the insurance company or another person to take possession of your vehicle, until you have consulted with your lawyer. The vehicle, in itself, is a critical piece of evidence. Do not damage, alter, repair, or modify anything until you have consulted with your legal representative.
  • Keep copies of all medical records.
  • Photograph the vehicles and keep the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of people who may had witnessed the accident.

All this information must be provided to your lawyer as soon as possible.

Maryam Parman, Avrek Law