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Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyers

In the majority of the large commercial truck crashes that take place in Los Angeles, the people that die are smaller vehicle occupants, with the main cause being the vulnerability of the people who are in the smaller vehicles. In most cases commercial trucks (tractor-trailers, big rigs, eighteen wheelers) weigh up to 20 times the weight of a normal car and they are taller.In the event of an accident, it is the occupants of smaller cars who are injured and killed.

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What To Do After a Truck Accident in LA

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  • Call and report the accident to the police as soon as possible. If you are physically capable of making a call, it is important to alert the relevant authority so that they can send an ambulance and a police officer right away.
  • Get a checkup from a medical practitioner and let them ascertain that you are fine even if you don’t have any physical injuries. In case you were injured, pay attention to your medical bills since you will need them as documentation for the truck accident.
  • Check whether any other person has been injured in the accident and initiate medical assistance. Be careful not to move any of the injured persons until the ambulance arrives.
  • Provide the police with any necessary information and a personal account of the accident. The police report is crucial as it will be used by your insurance provider to present your claim.
  • Immediately call your insurance company provider and inform them of the accident and provide them with any important information regarding the accident.
  • Document as much as possible about the accident. Take photos of the vehicles and the scene of the accident before the vehicles are moved to the roadside. Write down relevant information such as the license plates and the identification information of other vehicles. Ensure you also get the contacts of the witnesses.
  • Lastly don’t share any information with insurance adjusters or insurance providers that may get in touch with you until you have talked to an attorney.
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Truck Accident Statistics

Loaded trucks also take a longer time to break as compared to normal cars and this is another cause of accidents. This is made worse when the brakes are poorly maintained or when the roads are wet and slippery. Driver fatigue is another common cause of truck accidents. According to federal regulations, truck drivers are supposed to driver for a maximum of 11 hours over a stretch and 77 hours over a seven day period. However, according to many surveys that have been done, they have shown that truck drivers rarely follow these regulations.

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In 2014, over 3900 people died in large truck crashes and over 110,000 people were injured in crashes involving large trucks. In the USA an estimated 438,000 large trucks were involved in police reported traffic crashes during 2014.

  • 73 percent of the people who died were occupants of cars
  • 16% were truck occupants
  • 15% were either pedestrians, motorcyclists or cyclists
  • 95% of fatal truck accidents happened outside of work zones

From 2009 to 2014, the number of people who died in large truck crashes increased by 16%. Obviously Los Angeles has a fair share of trucking accidents with the large amount of freeways (10, I5, 405, 101, etc.) that national and local companies use to ship products. Large trucks accounted for 8% of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes and 4% of all vehicles involved in injury and property damage only crashes.

Key Takeaways –

  • 79% of fatal accidents involving trucks occured on weekdays
  • drivers of large truck in fatal crashes were less likely to have previous license suspensions than were passenger car drivers
  • 73% of people killed in large-truck crashes were occupants of the other vehicles

Causes of Truck Accidents

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Driver’s Negligence

Driver’s negligence is ten times more likely to be caused by truck drivers as compared to other drivers. The most common factors that contribute to driver’s error include fatigue, substance abuse and distraction. These factors present unnecessary risk and they largely inhabit the driver’s ability to react in the event of a dangerous situation that would cause an accident.


Bad weather conditions are a major cause of truck accidents since they reduce safety on the road. The truck’s breaking system is interfered with during bad weather conditions. Considering the heavy weight of the truck and the cargo being transported it means that heavy trucks can’t stop or get steered as smoothly as cars.

It’s common for commercial truck drivers to discount for all limitations caused by adverse weather conditions and they fail to put into account bad weather conditions even when local weather continuously leads to a yearly increase in truck accidents.

Poor selection of Truck Company or Truck Driver

To get your cargo safely across highways, it is very important that you hire the right driver or the right company. One major cause of truck accidents is inexperienced drivers or settling for companies that don’t have a proven track record.

Most people unknowingly choose companies and drivers without making a full background check on whether they comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) regulations which hold them accountable to safely shipping cargo. Read more about trucking laws in California.

Dangerous and Improper Loading

Each year, there are hundreds of incidences and accidents that are caused by improperly or dangerously loaded trucks. Improperly loaded trucks are likely to have imbalanced cargo which is likely to topple over when the truck is moving since it isn’t stable.

Poorly secured cargo is also likely to fall off to oncoming traffic and this can be disastrous since it can cause more accidents especially if the truck is on the highway. It is important to safely distribute the entire weight around the trailer and make sure that the cargo is secured properly to avoid malfunction when the truck is moving.

Defective Truck Equipment

This majorly happens when truck equipment fails resulting in an accident. Equipment fails include mechanical issues like poorly maintained tires and brakes, and design issues such as lack of warning devices especially for reverse detection. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) makes it a requirement for every company and truck driver to do a pre-trip inspection as well as regular inspection and maintenance on the truck regularly.

This highly reduces the chances of defects like worn out tires and failing brakes. The ugly truth is that most truck drivers and companies disregard FMSCA regulations and this leads to a lot of truck accidents.

Why Contact Avrek Law Firm

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If you are involved in a truck accident (or car accident) in Los Angeles, you don’t need to worry. Our law firm has experienced attorneys who can help you resolve your case. We have dealt with similar cases in the past and helped our clients get fair compensation. Victims of Los Angeles trucking accidents are typically suffering from serious injuries like spinal injuries, amputations, back and head injuries, broken bones, and more.

Our attorneys ensure that you and your loved one get fair or full compensation for any injuries that may have occurred due to the negligence of the driver. You can reach our LA office online or – Call 213-867-1947

Who Is Liable For Los Angeles Truck Accidents

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Commercial truck accidents happen all to often and the cases themselves are complicated because several parties might be liable. Below is a partial list of those found liable in LA semi-truck accidents –

  1. Truck driver
  2. Driver’s employer or company
  3. Owner of trailer or truck itself
  4. Company who is actually leasing the truck or trailer
  5. Truck manufacturer

Compensation For Truck Accident Victims in L.A.

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Many victims of serious trucking accidents want to know what their claim is worth, or basically how much money their settlement might pay? It is very important that your settlement offer correctly accounts for ALL of your damages like –

  1. Any medical bills
  2. Lost Wages
  3. Pain and suffering
  4. Wrongful death
  5. Disfigurement
  6. Long-term rehab
  7. Emotional distress
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