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Avrek Law is currently investigating a wide range of legal claims on behalf of injured and/or displaced residents, employees, businesses and homeowners and their property in the wake of the Southern California Wildfires of 2017.

As with PG&E in the October 2017 Wine Country fires, early indications point to posible responsibility of Southern California Edison, the local public utility, for the fires, including witness reports of high-voltage power lines falling and transformers exploding as the fires were breaking out around them.

The utility company there released information on December 11, 2017 which stated that the California Public Utilities Commission and "Cal Fire" were investigating the firm's role in several of the fires including the Thomas fire. Edison also admitted that it believes those investigations implicate them in the possible role of its facilities, and noted in public releases that its equipment had been damaged by the fires.

Soon after the Southern California wildfires, heavy rains caused flooding, mudslides and additional widespread destruction after an already tragic event. Areas hit hardest were in and around the location of the Thomas fire. The devastation of lives lost, property, income and way of life are far beyond imagination. Avrek Law could be your ally in your fight to return to a normal life and any compensation due to you. Contact us, do not delay. We are here to help you.

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Common Questions

comments on Southern California Wildfires How much is my claim worth?

Every case is unique so hiring an experienced attorney is critical, particularly when injuries are serious and medical bills cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. In order to help your own cause, it is vital that you keep detailed records. Lost work time, property and wages, pain and suffering, limitations incurred as a result of the incident, and all out-of-pocket expenses should be meticulously documented.

comments on Southern California Wildfires Do I need to hire a lawyer?

Don't Fight the insurance companies alone. Insurance companies are supposed to oversee the process in an equitable manner, but they consistently put their needs before those of accident victims. Hiring an attorney ensures that your needs come first. This means personalized attention and the recovery of maximum compensation for all losses suffered during and because of this tragic event.