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Common injuries following slips and falls

The injuries suffered following an accident such as this will differ depending on the situation, however there are some injuries suffered that are regularly seen among compensation cases of this kind

  • Sprains and strains are hugely common with 30.7% of victims suffering from injuries like this.

  • It is also common for victims to suffer from super ficial injuries and contusions.

  • Open wounds are regularly seen, and can often be a very dangerous injury because of the risk of infection, as well as scaring can have an extremely negative affect on the general wellbeing of the victim.

  • 14.7% of victims suffer from fractures or broken bones following a slip or a fall.

  • In some extreme cases, such as a fall from height, victims may suffer injuries to their neck or spine which can be extremely dangerous and result in paralysis or fatality.

At Risk Statistics

There are some groups of people that are more at risk from accidents such as this than other people, as well as there being situations in which health and safety procedures should eliminate the risk of serious injury. However, accidents still happen in these situations and can result in horrible side effects for the victims.

  • The Elderly

  • – The elderly are an example of an at risk group. They are more vulnerable to slips and falls and are also more likely so suffer severe injuries as a result. In any situation where the elderly are present, there should be acceptable preventative measures put in place to enable their safety. Unfortunately this risk is not always taken as seriously as it should be and one out of three adults aged 65 and older is injured in a falling accident every year, and above the age of 85 these statistics rise rapidly with the rate of fall injuries reaching four times higher than the ages of 65-74.

  • All’s at Work

  • – Accidents in the workplace are becoming more common, and according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) serious falls are among the most common workplace accidents. In fact in the year 2009 alone there were over 4000 work related fatalities, a large percentage of which was due to falling accidents. The most common workplaces to experience these types of accidents are environments in which working at height is common, e.g. workplaces where employees are required to climb ladders and scaffolding or to handle heavy machinery. In situations like this there is often negligence involved in accidents. Employers have a duty of care to their employees and they should be taking every precaution necessary to keep their employees safe, when they have failed to do this they may be held liable for any injuries caused.

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