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Don’t Let a Slip and Fall Accident Ruin Your Life

Slipping and falling when you’re in public (or even in private!) can be embarrassing and very painful–especially when it’s not an accident! Did you know that slipping or tripping and falling accidents can be caused by the negligence of others, and that you may be justified in seeking restitution or payment if you or a loved one suffers a loss or injury due to slip, trip or fall accidents? Read on to learn more. Be sure to contact Avrek Law if you need an experienced Anaheim slip and fall lawyer to review your injury case. You can call us at 866-598-5548 for a free consultation 24/7.

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Slippery substances

Whether it’s food on the floor or a wet floor from a spill, slippery substances on a floor are a definitely hazard to shopper safety in grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations or other retail establishments. Stores and shops are required by law to keep customers reasonably safe anytime it welcomes them onto its property. Injury claims against the store can be considered when an “unreasonable” condition occurs that causes an accident or injury. Even things as simple as a newly-waxed or cleaned floor can be dangerous, especially if a store or other establishment has been negligent in putting up significant signs indicating wetness or otherwise not blocking off the area with unsafe conditions.

Unsafe conditions

There are a wide variety of unsafe conditions that can occur in public–anything from uneven sidewalks to icy or snowy entryways or walkways. Stores have a limited liability, which can change from state to state, to keep specific areas of their property safe. This could include front entryways that need to be iced, parking lots that have excessive piles of snow or other unsafe conditions that could cause customers to slip, trip or fall and have an accident. For any type of personal injury you can contact Avrek Law for immediate help.

Falling at work

Millions of Americans every year slip, trip or fall at work due to unsafe conditions, and the Center for Disease Control indicates that over 15% of worker’s compensation claims can be traced back to slipping or falling at work. The employer can be considered at fault if the workplace isn’t up to OSHA standards for safety, or if the employee is asked to do something that they don’t feel is safe; or if support or restraint systems are either inoperable or poorly maintained. Specifically, stores are required to have maintenance and quality checks in place to monitor safety levels.

In order to prove negligence in a slip, trip or fall accident individuals must prove that the liable party somehow knew about the danger and neglected to remedy the situation. Depending on the severity of the injury, there could be significant long-term needs by the victim, including home health, lost wages, surgery or physical therapy.

Finding an expert and knowledgeable Anaheim attorney who specializes in slip, trip and fall accidents can help you get the justice you deserve from the large organization or individual who caused you or your loved one to sustain an injury or loss. Professional accident attorneys such as those at Avrek Law Firm can make the difference between living with a life-long and painful injury and receiving the settlement that makes living with your loss sustainable. Give us a call at 866-598-5548 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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