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Slip and fall accidents happen all the time in Los Angeles, whether at work, home, gym, store, etc. Avrek Law has experienced slip and fall lawyers that can assist victims all over Los Angeles county. You can contact our attorneys for a Free consultation 24/7 and get a better understanding of your case and what lies ahead. Avrek Law wins slip and fall cases that other law firms reject which is something we are very proud of. Our slip and fall injury calculator can offer insight to a potential claim.

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What you should do after a slip and fall incident

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  • Take the photos of the scene of the accident. Ensure you take the photos of the bruises, scrapes or cuts that may have occurred and a photo of your clothes.
  • Talk to witnesses and take their names, telephone numbers and addresses.
  • File an accident report
  • Take and keep the item that made you fall e.g. a fruit or a ball. If it is perishable, freeze it.
  • Call a Los Angeles slip & fall attorney – 213-867-1947

Slip and Fall Statistics

Slips and falls often happen at home or in the work place yet they are those type of injuries that can easily be avoided. Each year, there are approximately 2 million slip and fall injuries in the United States. This is according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The main causes of slips and falls are floors and flooring materials.

Slips and falls are almost equal among both men and women. However, there more job related fatalities in men which stands at 11% as compared to women which stands at 5%.

Emergency room visits for slips and falls stands at 21.3% which is the highest cause of these kind of visits. The most serious effects of slips and falls are fractures which stand at 5%. However, they aren’t a primary source of fatal occupational injuries but they are the leading cause of lost days of work. Among people who are aged 55 years and older, slips and falls are the leading cause for compensation claims.

At home, half of all deaths that happen by accident are connected to falls. Most of these falls happen on the ground level than at higher levels. The most serious injuries that come from falls are hip injuries. Medical costs and compensation for falls is approximately $70 billion annually.

Falls occur among all service and manufacturing sectors and industries. They are also the leading cause of compensation in the trucking industry according to the American Trucking Association.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fall protection is the most violated rule by employers for the last 5 years as from 2010 to 2015. From 2013 to 2014, there was a 9% increase in trips, falls and slips according to the United States Department of Labor. There were 793 fatal falls in total across all industries in 2014. The construction industry saw the highest number of slip and fall accidents and they were 349 fatalities in total.

According to the United States Department of Labor, slips and falls account for 15% of all deaths that happen by accident per year. They are the second leading cause of accidental deaths behind motor vehicles. Slips and falls also account for over 95 million lost work days annually.

Common Causes of Slips and Falls

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  • Greasy or wet floors
  • Dry floors that have powder or wood dust on them
  • Freshly waxed floors
  • Polished floors
  • Clutter on the floor
  • Ladder steps that are damaged
  • Walking surfaces that are sloped
  • File cabinet drawers or open desks
  • Uneven floor tiles or missing bricks
  • Electrical cables or codes
  • Bad weather conditions e.g. sleet, rain, snow etc.

Preventing Trips, Slips and Falls

The main cause of slips and falls is hitting a fixed or moveable object on the ground or floor that leads to a fall and loss of traction between your shoe and the walking surface.


Housekeeping is crucial to ensuring that your work place or house is safe from objects or obstacles that can lead to slips and falls. Ensure that you do housekeeping regularly to reduce the incidences of slips and falls. If it is a working place, it should be well organized and clean according to the required standards.

Ensure that you plan ahead especially if people are going to use a particular area for work. You should also assign people responsibilities to ensure that the working area is safe and clean for working. Lastly, there should be housekeeping procedures.

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Reduce Slippery and Wet Surfaces

According to state agencies, a significant portion of accidents are related to walking surfaces and the most frequently reported surfaces include: parking lots, food preparation areas, sidewalks, shower stalls found in residential dorms and floors in general.

When weather conditions change, traction changes significantly. However, you can ensure that traction is well maintained in the outdoors by keeping the sidewalks and the parking lots clean and in a good condition through repairs, clearing snow and ice and putting anti-skid paint or adhesive striping material where necessary.

If it’s indoors, use moisture absorbent mats at the entrance, ensure spills are cleaned up immediately, have displays of ‘wet floors’ where necessary and clean up spills immediately.

Ensure aisles and walkways are free from obstacles

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Having clutter, equipment or obstacles in stairwells, corridors or entranceways often leads to slips and falls. Ensure that areas where traffic is high are free from obstacles.

If it’s at work, encourage safe work practices like closing file cabinet drawers or picking up loose items that are on the floor. Cables and codes should also be placed safely.

Maintain Proper Lighting

There are high incidences of slips and falls where there is no adequate lighting. Whether it is at home or the work place, ensure there is adequate illumination in staircases, basements, walkways, ramps, dock areas and construction areas. You should also turn on the lights once you enter a dark area.

Wear Good Shoes with Traction

Shoes contribute highly to slips and falls. Ensure that the soles of your shoes are not worn out and that your shoe laces are tied correctly.

Who Is Responsible

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Property owners, renters, managers, business owners and even commercial business owners can be responsible in a slip and fall accident, but there might be other parties responsible that aren’t obvious.  An accident at a school could involve the school district or other government entities that are involved with the location.

Being injured in a slip & fall accident can be very complicated and a long process to ensure that you receive maximum (and fair) compensation. To protect yourself and your family your best bet is to contact our LA slip and fall lawyers.

California Law Regarding Slips and Falls

According to the law in California, Slips and Falls fall under “premises liability”. Premise liability is where someone else is held liable for the injuries and damages that occur to the injured party. It arises when that person has ownership or possession of the property.

It is controlled by statute and case law and it is based on the principles of negligence. For more details on how to avoid a slip and fall read more here.

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