Laguna Niguel Wrongful Death Lawyers

Laguna Niguel lawyers that specialize in wrongful death cases are able to provide a high caliber of assistance and advice. For example, if an auto accident occurred which was due to another person’s negligence and someone was killed, filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate. A good wrongful death attorney who operates in this California city will be able to let you know if you have a realistic chance of getting a settlement via wrongful death litigation…

After a fatal vehicle accident takes place, a detailed investigation should be conducted. The goal of an investigation is to determine who the guilty person is in the crash. In other words, who caused the death of another due to her or her negligence?

laguna niguel wrongful death lawyers

If an investigation points toward fault of another (who isn’t the person who died), the family of the person who was killed may find it appropriate to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The goal of such a lawsuit is to access damages. Damages are monies which are utilized in order to cover an array of expenses which are directly related to the accident.

Wrongful death lawyers in Laguna Niguel know how to build strong cases for clients. They will request paperwork, ask the right questions and understand how to deal with opposing parties, such as defense lawyers and insurance companies.

The art of negotiation will be important, as well as the ability to communicate the chain of events with others. Great lawyers of this type know exactly how to negotiate, with a mind to settling out of court or in court. You may spot the best attorneys of this type based on their win-loss statistics. Avrek Law Firm has over 30 years experience and is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have. We believe that our happy clients can better explain how successful we are. Call us at 949-313-3577. 

Wrongful Death Facts and Statistics

In 2014, more than four people died due to a car accident in Laguna Niguel. Now, let’s look at statistic for all of Orange County. One hundred and forty-one persons died due to car accidents in the county during the very same year. In most cases, driver negligence contributed to the deaths. Now, let’s explore which features of traffic accidents typically factor into wrongful death cases…

Speeding was a primary element of driver negligence which led to death. The California Vehicle Code established that drivers may not go faster than is “reasonable and prudent” while travelling on highways in the state. Reckless driving also figured into many wrongful death cases, as did illegal racing.

As well, drunk driving was a problem which led to death on the roads, as well as wrongful death lawsuits. It’s illegal to be under the influence and it’s very dangerous as well. Those who run red lights are also at a higher risk of killing others (or dying themselves). In addition, those who don’t look carefully before they enter traffic or switch lanes may be setting the stage for car crashes which lead to fatalities. Other tragic results include serious brain injuries, loss of limbs, severe back injury, etc.

wrongful death lawyers

Bicycle accidents may also lead to death and to wrongful death lawsuits. Obviously, when bikes and cars are involved in accidents, cyclists are more likely to be killed, simply because they are so exposed and unprotected. Pedestrians are also killed at intersections or on roadways or sidewalks. If drivers are negligent, wrongful death lawsuits may be appropriate.

How to Gauge Liability

Family members of those who’ve died, such as spouses, kids, parents or brothers and/or sisters are eligible to file these types of lawsuits. Damages which are awarded via such lawsuits are utilized in order to cover the cost of lost future income, medical bills, funerals and burials. As well, these monies may be used to cover the cost of lost benefits and inheritances.

At this difficult time, when you are dealing with grief, you need compassionate and caring legal advice. To get the personalized service and years of experience that will be needed in order to build a strong wrongful death case, contact the Avrek Law Firm today. This respected law firm offers free consultations which are private, detailed and informative.

Now that you know more about the importance of hiring the right wrongful death lawyer in Laguna Niguel, you’ll be ready to get justice. While nothing can bring back a loved one, getting justice in his or her name may help you to find closure and to bounce back from financial problems which are related to his or her death.