Semi-Truck Rollover Accidents

Semi-truck accidents are very serious and they involve a truck rolling over.

These accidents lead to fatalities and can cause serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicle and those who are nearby.

Any 18 wheeler accident can be deadly, and injuries suffered in truck accidents are typically pretty severe.

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  • Section 1: What is a Semi-truck Rollover Accident?
  • Section 2: Main Causes of Semi-truck Rollover Accidents
  • Section 3: How to avoid Semi-truck Rollover accidents
  • Section 4: Common Injuries caused by Semi-truck Rollover Accidents
  • Section 5: Who is liable in a Semi-truck Rollover Accident?
  • Section 6: Semi-truck Rollover Accident Statistics
  • Section 7: Why You Need a Lawyer If You’re Injured in a Semi-truck Rollover Accident

What Is a Semi-truck Rollover Accident?

This is when a semi-truck over turns and in the case of trucks, it can lie of one of its sides or the tractor can turn 180 degrees while the trailer lies on its side.

Not only are the truck driver and passengers at risk of injury (in a rollover accident) but so are other cars and pedestrians on the roadway.


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Main Causes of Semi-truck Rollover Accidents

  • Improper loading of cargo

If the weight of the cargo isn’t evenly distributed, it can alter the center of gravity of the vehicle and this can make the truck unstable as it moves.

In case the driver is driving at high speeds, or the vehicle is caught by a gust of wind or its turning in a corner, it can cause the semi-truck to rollover.

A semi-truck can also roll over if it has been loaded with cargo beyond the legal limit.

  • Poorly maintained roads

Semi-trucks normally carry heavy cargo and if they are speeding on poorly maintained roads that have pot holes, they can topple over.

Soft surfaces and potholes can make the vehicle to veer off from the road. A semi-truck can also roll over in the event it pull overs to make repairs and it has a soft shoulder.

Older roads that were not designed to handle modern semi-trucks that are larger and heavier also pose a risk.

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  • Poorly maintained trucks

Note that a semi-truck can roll over even when it isn’t loaded. Trucks that carry liquids such as oxygen, gasoline or other materials in liquid form can easily roll over especially when the vehicle is turning or it quickly changes lanes.

This is because as the truck makes this motion, the liquid shifts and if the shift has enough force, it can cause the truck to roll over.

Liquid shifting is a major cause of truck roll overs in California. In some cases, once the truck rolls over, it can catch fire and cause injury or death to the driver, the occupants who were in the truck and people who are nearby.

It can also cause damage to property that is nearby since the landscape can catch fire.

  • Unsafe driving behaviors

High speeds along the highways or overtaking on single lanes are the top causes of truck roll overs.

  • Driver error

In some cases driver fatigue can cause truck rollovers.

  • Lack of stability of control equipment

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How to Avoid Semi-truck Rollover Accidents

  1. Drivers should reduce their speed when they are making turns especially if they are carrying liquids. If a semi-truck is travelling at a high speed, chances are high that it is going to roll over as it’s making the turn. A semi-truck that is going at the speed of 60 mph travels a distance of 90 feet a second. This means that an 80,000 pound semi-truck will have to cover 500 feet before it comes to a stop. In case the driver tries to make a swerve while trying to avoid an obstruction, the vehicle will topple.
  2. The State and City should ensure that roads are regularly checked and maintained to ensure they can support large trucks.
  3.  Companies that are responsible for loading cargos should ensure that their employees load cargo correctly and in a professional manner. There should also be mechanisms of checking the whether the cargo is safely loaded before releasing the truck.
  4. Trucking companies should install stability controls in their trucks to reduce cases of truck rollovers. The trucks should also be regularly checked and maintained.

Common Injuries Caused By Semi-truck Rollover Accidents


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Who is Liable In a Semi-truck Rollover Accident?

There are many semi-trucks out there that are not equipped with stability control systems. This is especially with regards to the older semi-trucks. Even among new trucks, only 70% of them are equipped with the technology.

This means that many truck drivers still drive the trucks without the protection and this puts them at risk of semi-truck rollover accidents.

When finding who is liable, liability relies on the cause of the crash. If the cause of the rollover was poorly maintained roads, the city or state where the road is may be held liable.

In case it was due to the negligence of the driver, the driver or the employer of the driver may be held liable.

In case the truck was improperly secured or improperly loaded, the people who loaded the vehicle or the company they work for may be held liable.


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Semi-truck Rollover Statistics

3 percent of all large vehicle crashes involve semi-truck rollover accidents. Inasmuch as they are few, semi-truck rollover accidents, these type of accidents account for more than half of the deaths of truck drivers or occupants of the vehicles.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), there were 112 single-vehicle and 40 multiple-vehicle rollover accidents in 2012 that caused deaths.

There were 4,000 single-vehicle semi-truck accidents across the United States in the same year.

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Why You Need a Lawyer If You’re Injured in a Semi-truck Rollover Accident

When a truck rolls over, there are many parties who are potentially liable.

This is the reason why you need the services of a big rig accident attorney who will investigate fully the events that took place and find the cause of the rollover and who is liable for the accident.

A semi-truck rollover accident often leads to serious injuries to either the driver, occupant or people who were near the scene of the accident.

In some cases, it may cause death. The injuries caused in a rollover accident require agent medical attention. Depending on the degree of damage, at times, the victims of the accidents may be out of work for weeks or months.

Some injuries may make the victim lose their job. In addition, there is pain and suffering that is caused by the accident.

This is why it is important to get a lawyer who will pursue the damages and ensure you get compensation.

Your lawyer can seek compensation for the following:

  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Ambulance rides
  • Hospital stays
  • Medical procedures
  • Follow up care
  • Lost wages (past and future)
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