Riverside County, CA

Riverside County, California

Riverside County encompasses 7,208 square miles, roughly the size of the State of New Jersey. Stretching approximately 180 miles east-west in a rectangular shape between the Arizona border and Orange County, California, the eastern and central portions of Riverside County are mostly desert terrain, while the western portion has a Mediterranean climate. It is the fourth most populous county in California with approximately 2.3 million residents as of 2012. Riverside and San Bernadino counties comprise the Inland Empire metropolitan area.

Joshua Tree National Park is located in Riverside County. The park is comprised of two deserts (Mojave and Colorado), and is named for the Joshua Tree native to the park. It has an abundant array of wildlife, as well as stunning rock formations popular with rock climbing enthusiasts. The world famous Palm Springs resort and other desert resort cities are located in Riverside County as well.

Major highways and railroads intersect in Riverside County, making it a major shipping hub. The economic base of Riverside County is largely comprised of warehousing, shipping, logistics and retail. Whirlpool has a massive distribution center in Perris, Calif. Larger than 31 football fields, it is one of the biggest warehouses in the United States. Technology start-ups have been drawn to Riverside County in recent years because of relatively inexpensive real estate, and innovative support networks such as the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship at California State University San Bernardino, and the Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange.

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