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Semi-truck Rear End Accidents

Semi-truck rear end accidents are very common among commercial truck accidents.

These accidents can be seen as minor but they can lead to serious injuries or even death among the occupants of the vehicles involved.

Any vehicle accident that involves 18 wheelers (big rigs, semis , etc.) can have tragic results.

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  • Section 1: What is a Semi-truck rear end accident?
  • Section 2: Main causes of Semi-truck rear end accidents
  • Section 3: How to avoid Semi-truck rear end accidents
  • Section 4: Common injuries caused by Semi-truck rear end accidents
  • Section 5: Who is liable in a Semi-truck rear end accident?
  • Section 6: Semi-truck rear end accident statistics
  • Section 7: Why you need a lawyer if you’re injured in a Semi-truck rear end accident?

What is a Semi-truck Rear End Accident?

A semi-truck rear end accident is one where a truck hits another car from the front or another car hits the truck from the rear.

When a smaller vehicle that is travelling at high speeds hits a truck, an underride occurs and in many cases, this type of accident is fatal to the occupants of the smaller vehicle.


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Main Causes of Semi-truck Rear End Accidents

The main causes of semi-truck read end crashes include:

  • Poor road conditions i.e. mainly invisibility and this mainly happens at night
  • Headlamps or turn indicators that are not functioning properly
  • Trucks with malfunctioning brakes
  • Poorly lit roads
  • Driver fatigue or lack of concentration especially on interstates
  • Distracted driving
  • DUI

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How To Avoid Semi-truck Rear End Accidents

  • While driving, look farther up the road in order to stop traffic and start braking before the other vehicle that is ahead of you comes to a halt.
  • Check your side mirrors often to see the cars that are behind you especially when you want to move to another lane. When you are making a stop at a traffic light, ensure you look at the side mirrors to see the cars behind you.
  • While driving, stay focused and avoid distraction such as using your phone or eating. You may have not seen any vehicle in front of you and you take time to look at your phone and the next time you look up, there is a vehicle ahead. In some cases, it is the other driver who is distracted and if you are both distracted it may cause a collision.
  • When approaching a stop sign, go gradually. The same applies to a red light. In case you rush to it and brake hard, the driver behind you may do the same and it may lead to a collision.
  • When stopping, leave two or three vehicle lengths between you and the car in front of you. In case the vehicle ahead starts reversing, you may have space to escape.
  • Often check your brake lights and if they have a problem, repair them.


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Common Injuries Caused by Semi-truck Rear End Accidents

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Who is Liable In a Semi-truck Rear End Accident?

In this case, it can be either the driver of the smaller vehicle or the driver of the truck. If it is the driver of the truck, the commercial truck driver or his employer – the commercial truck company will be held liable.

The driver may be directly liable if they were solely responsible for causing the accident. However, the driver’s employer may be held liable for the injuries that result from the accident.

Examples of cases where carrier liability may take place include:

  • Rear-impact guard violations
  • Work hour violations
  • Lighting violations
  • Failure by the company to enforce policies on the drivers with regards to using handheld cellphones while driving


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Semi-truck Rear End Accident Statistics

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), each year, 400,000 trucks are involved in crashes in the United States. Approximately 70,000 of these accidents are read-end collision accidents.

These accidents can be fatal considering the fact that a truck can be up to 50 times heavier than ordinary vehicles on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 425 people die each year due to read-end accidents with large trucks.

In addition to this, over 5,000 people are injured in collisions where a truck is hit from the rear end with another vehicle or vice-versa.

Over the recent years, there have been advances in both large trucks and passenger cars. However, having said this, there are still insufficient safeguards for passengers in smaller vehicles in the event of a rear end accident with a tractor-trailer.

When a smaller vehicle rear ends an 18-wheeler, it is likely to slide beneath the trailer and even if the speeds of the smaller vehicle are low, its roof is likely to peel off.

This is referred to as an underride accident. Underride accidents are catastrophic and often lead to death or decapitation of the occupants who were in the smaller vehicles.

It is a requirement that trucks have an underride guard to reduce the damage done in this type of crashes. However, it should be noted that it is not at all times that these guards function correctly especially if the smaller vehicle was travelling at high speeds.


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Why You Need a Lawyer If You’re Injured in a Semi-truck Rear End Accident?

A semi-truck rear end accident may be catastrophic especially if a smaller vehicle collides into the semi-truck. Considering that the truck is heavier, it can also cause a lot of damage if it runs into a vehicle.

In many cases, the injuries caused are serious and in some cases, it can lead to death. Medical bills that amount from semi-truck rear end accidents are high.

It is therefore important that you get an experienced lawyer in the area of semi-truck accidents to ensure that you get justice since the lawyer will be able to investigate the case fully and find out who is liable.

An experienced lawyer will ensure that you get the right type of damages for the pain and suffering, and enough compensation that will ensure you are able to settle the medical costs – past, present and future and that will cater for lost hours of work or cover a lost job.

In case you lost a family member in the accident, an experienced attorney in this field will ensure that you get the right compensation that will also take care of the deceased family members.

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