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Liability Will Have to be Proven

Proving liability in this type of Buena Park legal claim will require showing negligence on the part of the person who is being sued. This negligence must be the direct cause of your injuries and/or losses. Since there are a lot of different forms of injury accidents and an assortment of types of negligence, let’s review some common forms of legal claims…

    • Careless Drivers

– Careless drivers who cause vehicle crashes may be speeding or fail to yield the “right of way” or they may drive carelessly in other ways. These types of drivers may be found guilty of negligence if it can be proved in or out of court. In addition, drivers who run red lights, enter traffic without paying enough attention or fail
to stop for cyclists, pedestrians or other vehicles may be proven negligent, if sufficient proof is available.

    • Reckless Drivers

– Drivers who don’t exhibit sufficient regard for human life may cause severe accidents. For example, a reckless driver may be under the influence, be racing on the streets or be driving in and out of lanes, without thinking of the safety of others.

    • Premises Liability

– People who own properties must offer safe conditions to those who visit the premises or reside on the premises. When property owners are negligent, they may be sued. Examples of negligent behavior include lack of fire alarms, steps which are unsafe, buildings which aren’t maintained up to code and walkways which aren’t in safe condition.

    • Risky Products

– Products which are dangerous may place product manufacturers at risk of lawsuits. There are strict liability laws and cases may be made against the manufacturers of defective products. Products which trigger injuries, although they are used according to manufacturer’s instructions, are key examples. Some products which are occasionally defective include prescription medications, vehicles, car parts, toys for kids, appliances and food products.

Knowing Your Rights

If you or someone that you care about has been harmed due to negligence, hiring one of our Avrek Law Personal Injury Attorneys will be the smartest decision that you make. Our team of legal eagles are standing by in order to give you the expert representation that you need. We’ll be there to help you establish the odds of winning a settlement and, should you decide to sue for negligence, we’ll help you to build the strongest possible case. Please get in touch in order to get the ball rolling…
Once you’ve gotten in touch, we’ll arrange a free legal consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys. You’ll be able to find out what types of compensation are available and you’ll get a realistic sense of whether or not you have a case. If you decide to go forward, we’ll offer the sort of experience, expertise and dedication that you need. Our attorneys are out to win and they’ll do all that they can to build your case and get you the lucrative settlement that you deserve.

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