Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Don’t be a Statistic: Learn Your Rights as a Pedestrian

Motorists are required to yield to pedestrians because pedestrians are an incredibly vulnerable segment of traffic. Although motorists tend to bear the majority of the fault and negligence for pedestrian accidents, pedestrians can also be considered for “contributory negligence” if they are acting against stated traffic laws or otherwise engaging in dangerous behavior.

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Nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in accidents with a motor vehicle involved every year as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), and in 2012 almost 76,000 individuals were hit by a car or truck. These staggering statistics are eye-opening, as a significant number of these accidents could be avoided if not for the negligent behavior of drivers. Pedestrian accidents happen most often when individuals attempt to cross highways or when they encounter hazards such as parking lot defects, construction or other debris on walkways and general poor maintenance of walking areas. If you find yourself in a pedestrian accident here in town, then you need to hire the best Anaheim pedestrian accident lawyers – Avrek Law.

Pedestrian versus motor vehicle accidents

One of the most negligent activities drivers indulge in that can be incredibly dangerous for other motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians alike is texting and driving. Texting in and of itself is not the dangerous activity–the lack of attention to driving while performing texting and other high-attention activities–are the problem. Drivers who are texting are negligent because they are not fully paying attention to the road around them, potential road hazards, traffic lights changing from green to yellow, stop signs, road warnings or more. Texting while driving can potentially keep a driver from having the extra few seconds needed to stop their vehicle or swerve before causing a wreck or pedestrian accident that changes someone’s life forever.

Damages from a pedestrian versus automobile accident case can be very serious and include medical expenses (for back and spine injuries), pain and suffering, lost wages or loss of a normal life. How badly the pedestrian was injured will dictate the level of compensation received from the at-fault party. Medical expenses can excessive and put a financial strain on even the most financially-stable families–often to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. What can be even worse is if the pedestrian was the primary bread winner of the family, and then finds himself unable to work or work in the same manner as before the accident. This type of loss is considered lost wages and loss of a normal life. No matter the level of wages the pedestrian received before the accident, that would be the level of wages that the negligent motor vehicle driver may be required to provide as support after the accident. A person hopes they never need to hire an Anaheim pedestrian accident attorney, but if you are injured and need assistance then please contact Avrek Law Firm for immediate help.


Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment or loss of normal life

One of the hardest things for courts to determine is exactly how much “pain and suffering” individuals incurred after their loss. It can be very controversial to determine how much compensation is available to an individual who suffers several foot and leg pain for several years after an accident, or who has short-term loss of eyesight or other critical effects of a pedestrian accident.

What happens when you have a young, vibrant individual who enjoyed skating, ice hockey and horseback riding with her small children? Who will never be able to pick them up again, toss them in the air, or ride amusement park rides with them again?  Anaheim pedestrian accident attorneys will look to the jury to help determine damages based on the level of loss after a judge or jury has determined fault and negligence levels. This loss of a normal life can come at a very high cost to a defendant once proven guilty, but nothing can bring back the life to a vibrant young person who has suffered a significant and life-changing pedestrian injury.

Stay safe while walking

Pedestrians can certainly do their part to avoid getting injured in by a motor vehicle by paying close attention to crosswalks, being very cautious of traffic patterns and always looking both ways when crossing the road. Staying away from more dangerous areas such as construction zones and other similar road hazards can also help keep you safe when walking. Learn more about pedestrian laws and safety tips.

What to do if you’re involved in an accident in Anaheim

The first thing to do when you’re involved in a pedestrian accident is to seek medical attention if necessary. Of course call the police and then find a qualified and proactive Anaheim pedestrian accident lawyer – and we are here to help you get the help you deserve. Contact us today at 866-598-5548 for a free case review, and let us get you started on a road to the justice you and your loved ones deserve. Avrek Law can help with many types of personal injury cases where victims need an Anaheim motorcycle accident lawyer, dog bite lawyer, slip and fall, etc.

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