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Pedestrian Accidents In Scottsdale

Pedestrians can be injured in various situations. Children playing in urban areas require motorists to pay reasonable care when driving.

When crossing the street in places other than a crosswalk or an intersection, the pedestrian should grant the right away to motor vehicles.

Badly parked cars that create a visual obstruction for pedestrians can be a contributing factor in pedestrian/automobile accidents.

Walking at night and not paying careful attention are 2 of the main causes for pedestrian accidents.

Dangerous Roads in Scottsdale For Pedestrians

Many pedestrians are injured in Scottsdale, and a great deal of these accidents happen at these locations:

  1. East Shea Boulevard
  2. North Via Linda
  3. The 7th street
  4. The Indian School Road and Thomas Road

Just in 2015, five pedestrians were injured and one was fatally wounded in these places, according to police reports.


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Contact a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Many pedestrian accident victims think they can resolve their claim directly with the other party’s insurance company instead of hiring an accident lawyer.

When an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer does not represent an injured pedestrian, the insurance company, who is in the business of paying as little as possible, will usually lead the victim to believe that they will be treated and compensated in a fair and adequate manner.

However, the reality is that insurance companies often take advantage and end up offering a minimum amount of compensation.

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Contact one of our pedestrian accident attorneys who is experienced in these cases to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Top Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Both drivers and pedestrians are prone to certain behaviors that may increase the risk of an accident.

Driver’s negligence

Drivers who do not take the necessary precautions when crossing areas with pedestrian traffic cause many pedestrian accidents. Some common examples include:

  1. Not allowing a pedestrian to cross when turning at an intersection: When pedestrians have the “walk” signal at an intersection, the cars are supposed to allow their crossing. Unfortunately, drivers often forget to check if there are any pedestrians, or just do not see them. This is especially likely to occur during turns on the left, when the pedestrian arrives just behind the driver.
  2. Not stopping: Pedestrians expect drivers to obey traffic laws. Therefore, if a pedestrian sees a car approaching a traffic light or a stop sign, it can venture to pass, even though the car has not yet begun to slow down. Often, drivers will skip the stop signs and red lights because they are distracted and do not look at the road, so they could easily miss the pedestrian and the traffic signal.
  3. Excess speed/intoxication: If a driver is driving above the speed limit or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication, his reaction time may be affected. This means they may be more likely to hit a pedestrian on the road.


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Pedestrian Negligence

Of course, pedestrians can also be negligent in using the road. In this case, drivers may be unable to avoid an accident. Some examples of this type of pedestrian accident include:

  1. Crossing anywhere: Ideally, and more likely, pedestrians should use marked crossings as they cross the street. However, not all intersections have traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, or even stop signs. Even so, it is still better to cross at the intersection rather than anywhere else, in the middle of a traffic jam. Drivers simply are not expecting pedestrians to appear out of nowhere in the middle of the road, which could easily lead to an accident.
  2. Walking while distracted: Pedestrians are expected to remain aware of their surroundings and avoid getting in front of cars or crossing intersections with a red light. Unfortunately, when pedestrians are checking their phones, using headphones, or are distracted in any other way, they may be prone to accidents, just like a distracted driver.
  1. Alcohol / Drugs: A last cause of pedestrian accidents is intoxication, which can prevent people from exercising proper care and judgment. You can walk in the middle of the street or even try to cross a busy road.

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Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

  1. Head injuries

Head injuries are very common in pedestrian accidents because the victim is going to be thrown against the pavement. In fact, head injuries are the leading cause of death among pedestrians.

  1. Back and neck injuries

If a driver does not perform an evasive maneuver or uses his brakes to try to avoid hitting a pedestrian, he is likely to roll over the car, possibly also over the windshield, and end up on the ground behind the vehicle, causing back or neck injuries.

  1. Leg injuries

A common car bumper will strike a pedestrian around the knees, which can cause serious leg injuries, including broken knee ligaments, fractured bones, hip and pelvic fractures, and, of course, further damage to the soft tissues.

Hospital Bills for Pedestrian Accidents

The cost of hospitalization varies heavily depending on the severity of the injuries sustained by the pedestrian.

These wounds often require prolonged hospitalization and extensive rehabilitation. Traffic accidents are a huge burden on health systems.

Hiring the right personal injury lawyer is key when it comes to the financial burden of being hit by a car.


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What is My Pedestrian Accident Claim Worth?

Compensation received by victims after a pedestrian accident can be complicated.

If you have been injured, and the driver is at fault, you need to file a lawsuit against the driver. What can you expect to receive for damages?

Many people are surprised to learn that even their medical bills can run well over $100,000 from a pedestrian or bike accident.

Whether bills are no more than a few hundred dollars to treat some bruises, or hundreds of thousands for lifetime treatment for serious injuries, the process can be frustrating.

Attorneys and Insurance companies will look at

  1. Who was at fault – insurers will investigate the accident to decide if you were responsible at all for your injuries.
  2. Recovery outlook – are injuries going to be lifelong?
  3. Severity of injuries – how badly the victim is hurt plays a huge part.
  4. How injuries affect your current work – do your injuries keep you from earning a living and for how long?

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How Long do I Have to Take Legal Action?

Get in touch with a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Many states have a statute of limitations on the time elapsed between the accident and the date you file the claim, and Arizona is no exception, with a 3 year window.

A good accident lawyer should know all about this, and help you not only file a claim, but also do everything possible to gather evidence immediately after the accident that could help decide who was to blame and give you an advantage.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

The simple answer is Yes. Any good pedestrian accident lawyer is worth more than a hundred articles like this.

A good accident lawyer in Scottsdale must be well-versed in all the traffic laws of your state, as well as experienced in obtaining information after an accident.

An attorney should be contacted as soon as possible, so that you can be counseled on every step of the way.

If possible, you should contact an accident lawyer while you are still at the scene of the accident. This way, your lawyer can go to the site as soon as possible and possibly locate some witnesses around, as well as take some pictures of the scene that will be most effective in a courtroom.

In case the accident becomes too serious for you to get in touch with a lawyer from the scene, it is still imperative that you contact the pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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Things To To After a Pedestrian Accident

With everything said, we can now turn to what most of you are probably interested in: What to do in case of an accident?

Obviously, call 911 if someone is injured and provide them with first aid; if you are injured yourself seek help immediately. However, we are talking about what to do after the initial panic.

The number one thing you should focus on is in gathering information. Every detail you can remember about the accident should be written on paper.

The type of injuries you have suffered should be documented, and any other effects of the accident, such as lost wages due to your injuries.

Also, try to observe and analyze exactly what the other party involved in the accident said when you spoke to them.

If you plan to file a claim, be sure to collect evidence. Photographs, witnesses, anything and everything you can use to build your case.

Pedestrian accidents often occur in broad daylight and usually on busy roads. Usually there are a large number of witnesses around, try to collect names and phone numbers of as many as you can.

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