Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Laguna Niguel

Pedestrian accident lawyers who operate in Laguna Niguel, California fight for the rights of their clients. These clients have been injured in pedestrian accidents and they seek out legal counsel in order to access settlements which will help them to cover the cost of living and the cost of medical services, such as surgery and physical rehabilitation. Some may also need mental health services in order to deal with the psychological turmoil of being pedestrian accident survivors.

pedestrian accident lawyers laguna niguel

While statistics for these accidents may be a bit disturbing, the fact that kids are often involved is probably the saddest aspect of these stats. Adults and children are involved is such accidents and kids are involved in about ten percent of them. Accidents of this type may lead to fatalities or injuries.

When seeking out this type of lawyer, you should be careful to find one who has experience representing adult and child victims. In terms of statistics for child victims of pedestrian accidents, deaths are most prevalent after noon and before the evening. Call Avrek Law today at 866-598-5548 or contact us online.

Causes For Pedestrian Accidents

Most accidents of this type will occur between four p.m. and eight p.m., when school is finished for the day and kids haven’t returned home yet, because of social activities or extracurricular activities. These hours are times when kids are more likely to put themselves at risk. For example, they may play on the streets and then get hit by vehicles.

As well, “prime time” for such accidents is also commuting time for many workers and this sets the stage for accidents. Commuters are tired and anxious to return home after their workdays and they may be absentminded on the road. Other typical causes include motorcycles, buses, automobiles, and even bicycles.

Kids who are injured or die due to pedestrian accidents are often from poorer families and they also tend to come from areas with bigger populations. Sometimes, these kids don’t have access to the parks and recreational options that richer peers from less-populated areas have access to. As well, their parents may need to work many hours in order to support them, which means that they don’t have as much parental assistance and supervision.

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To get justice after your child has been involved in a pedestrian accident, you need legal firepower that is exceptional. This means selecting a law firm with a strong and positive reputation.

Children don’t have legal rights within the system, but parents or court-appointed guardians do. A reputable and respected law firm with attorneys who specialize in helping kids and their parents or guardians will be a perfect choice and you may find that a first consultation is available free of charge. The best law firms will help parents to get justice for their kids, as well as lucrative settlements which will help to pay for an array of costs, such as medical expenses and the cost of living. You can reach us at 866-598-5548.

Finding the right lawyer for this type of case is so important. So, why not start searching today? Once you’ve found a law firm that you trust, book a consultation in order to get the ball rolling.

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