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Right of way

If you have been the victim of a pedestrian accident even though the right of way was yours then you are able to hold the driver at fault responsible to any suffering caused to you. Determining right of way can be the biggest bone of contention when dealing with pedestrian accidents. A Buena Park pedestrian accident lawyer would be able to help with this and ensure that you are fully informed of your rights.
However as a preventative there is some information that is would be beneficial for you to know.

  • California vehicle code section 21950

    -This law details that when a crosswalk is marked or there is an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection it is
    the right of way of the pedestrian and vehicles must yield to this. What the law means by yielding is that all when approaching a crossing such as the ones detailed, vehicles must approach using caution and make every effort to safeguard the pedestrian. Failing to do this may result in a criminal charge being brought against the driver of the vehicle in question, as well as the driver becoming financially responsible for any injuries caused to the victim.

  • California vehicle code 21663

    – Vehicles must never be operated on the sidewalk.
  • California vehicle code 22517

    – Drivers must be vigilant at all times and be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists before they exit their vehicle.
  • California vehicle code 22106

    – Before backing up all drivers must ensure that the immediate area is clear of pedestrians.
  • California vehicle code 21954

    – There is a standard level of care that all drivers should exercise on the road. They have a duty to ensure the safety of pedestrians to the best of their ability.

Defective roadway

Maintaining roadways so that they are safe for use is the responsibility of the government if they have failed in this responsibility and you have been injured as a result then you have a right to hold them liable.


Unfortunately even if you have done your duty as a pedestrian and acted within the confines of the law, there may be other people out there who aren’t as responsible as you are, and this could ultimately result in injury to you. If you have suffered a pedestrian accident then it is not acceptable for the consequences to go unrecognised. Whatever you have suffered, whether it’s physical injuries, psychological trauma, loss of earnings or all of the above, you deserve to be recompensed for all you have suffered. Contacting a pedestrian accident attorney can be your first step to getting your life back on track. You will receive a free case review during which the expert attorneys will give you clear advice on the rights you have and whether you have an eligible claim to make. Following this initial case review you still won’t be out of pocket because if your case fails you won’t pay a thing.

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