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Auto Accidents

Accidents often occur in the blink of an eye, with no prior warning. They can take place as you commute to work, run errands. Read More

Commercial Truck Accident

Truck accidents are very different than typical motor vehicle accidents in terms of both the injuries they cause and the liabilities they trigger. Read More

Motorcycle Accident

Drivers are supposed to share the road with motorcycles. When they fail to do so and riders suffer injury as a result, negligent drivers. Read More

Workplace Accidents

Avrek Law Firm, attorneys help injured workers obtain full compensation for their injuries. Our attorneys have the experience. Read More

Bicycle / Pedestrian

We have taken cases that other attorneys have rejected or dropped, then recovered the maximum amount. Read More

Personal Injury

We’ve all heard the term ‘accidents happen’ – and they do. Sometimes, we’re responsible for an accident due to our own carelessness. Read More

Animal Attacks

Injuries can be devastating. They can completely change a person’s life and the lives of everyone who knows the injured person.

Burn Accident

If you’ve suffered a burn injury due to an accident, then you need to hire a burn injury attorney. Depending on how severe the injury, it can take months or longer to heal.

Other Accidents

No matter what type of injury you suffered, Avrek Law Firm, can help. Our attorneys and staff have decades of combined experience representing injured accident victims.