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Motorcycle Accidents In Phoenix

Motorcycles are becoming an increasingly popular means of transportation in the United States (and Phoenix).

However, the increasing popularity of these vehicles is also causing an increase in motorcycle accidents.

In 2006 motorcyclists were 35 times more likely to die in car crashes than car drivers, and 8 times more likely to be injured.

Motorcycles do not represent more than 3% of all vehicles registered in the United States, however 13% of fatal accidents have been on board such vehicles.

Unfortunately, when motorcyclists are involved in accidents with other vehicles, their riders and passengers are more likely to be injured or killed.

Avrek Law offers quality representation to motorcycle accident victims. More on what to do after a motorcycle crash.

Dangerous Roads For Motorcyclists

  1. 24th street
  2. Creek Road
  3. Union Hills Drive
  4. Live Oak Canyon Road


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Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is very dangerous as you probably know, but learning more about the dangers of motorcycles could save your life.

Loss of control at curves

One of the most common accidents on a motorcycle is the loss of control in a curve, either by exceeding speed limits, which usually ends in a sudden brake with skid and the consequent fall, or a lack of grip on the asphalt of the curve, which inevitably also ends up skidding and falling.

Collision at intersections

A motorcycle is a relatively small object that moves at a high speed, so the human eye has a very hard time to judge distance and speed.

This usually ends up in a sidewsipe type of collision in which the worst damage is always taken by the bike.


Speed limits are put in place by local governments to protect the public, unfortunately many drivers don’t follow the law.


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Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Neck / Back

Road Rash

Broken Bones / Fractures

Head Injury

Internal injuries

Proving Fault in a Motorcycle Accident

Proving guilt in a motorcycle accident (or car accident) is somewhat complex so you want to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

This way Avrek can collect the necessary evidence and get the witnesses that will help the injured obtain max compensation.

Insurance companies on the other hand, will do what is necessary to put the guilt on the motorcycle driver.

For that reason you should get in contact with an experienced lawyer who can defend your rights and fight for your compensation.

Typically the million dollar question is, “Who’s to blame for a motorcycle accident?”

Well, the answer is that all cases are unique and consulting with a good lawyer can change the entire outcome of your motorycle accident settlement.

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What is My Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

We tend to think that compensation is a set $ amount, but the truth is that compensation is a sum of figures calculated and it’s very complicated.

Physical injuries: some injuries do not heal completely after the rehabilitating treatments

Prejudices: this corresponds to compensation for the days in which the injured has been performing the rehabilitation treatment but this has not completely prevented the performance of their activities.

Loss of income: this refers to the days in which the victim of the motorcycle accident has had to stop doing his daily activities, either while resting, or by being in the hospital.

Asset damage: in addition to injuries, those injured usually have other types of damages to their motorcycle.

Expenses of medical care in the future, health care expenses, the final amount of which will depend on the injury, age, and situation of the person affected.

As you can see, there are many factors that influence the compensation and depending on the severity of the injury, many more factors are incorporated.

That is why we recommend that you contact a motorcycle lawyer, who can help you win your case.

We know from experience that insurance companies always try to haggle, trying to lower compensation for your losses.

Do Not fight the insurance companies alone.

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Five Things to do After a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can ruin your whole day.

In addition to the inconvenience of missing work, you also have to deal with damage to your motorcycle, liability issues, possible traffic violations and even injuries in some accident cases.

Most motorcycle riders are likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident at least once in their lives.

5 things you must do after an accident.

  1. Do not leave the scene
  2. Call the police
  3. Stay calm
  4. Take photos, talk to witnesses
  5. Get medical attention


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