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There are more than 800,000 registered motorcycles in California. The State of California has the highest number of motorcycle users in the U.S. California also has the highest number of motorcycle lanes in the country. Therefore this makes California to be particularly vulnerable in relation to motorcycle crashes and why there are quite a few motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles.

With over 30 years experience, the LA motorcycle accident attorneys at Avrek Law have been helping injured bikers (and their passengers) for years. Whether it’s getting you proper medical care, getting your motorcycle repaired, filing a claim, or getting you a fair settlement, Avrek Law cares about our clients. We offer a personal injury calculator online to give our readers a basic idea of what their claim might look like.

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Motorcycle Accident Stats in California

According to the latest data from California’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, there were more than 11,780 collision related injuries in 2013. Additionally, there were more than 480 motorcycle related fatalities. All motorcycle types (cruises, sport bikes, etc.) and brands (Harley, BMW, Yamaha, etc.) are susceptible to being involved in an accident. Majority of the accidents occurred in counties located in Southern California including:

San Bernardino County 525

Riverside County 627

Orange County 989

San Diego County 1,285

Los Angeles County 3,509

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In 2013, there was a 13% drop in motorcycle accidents as compared to 2012 in the State of California. Nationwide, there was a 6% drop. The overall deaths caused by motorcycle accidents increased from 2004 when there were 4,028 deaths to 2008 when there were 5,312 dates. However, in 2009, there was a sharp decline in deaths which were 4,469. However, the deaths started increasing until 2012 when there were 4,986 deaths.

However, in relation to motorcycle accidents, as from 2004, they increased from 76,000 to 103,000 in 2007. However, in 2008, they fell to 96,000 and they subsequently continued to decline until 2011 when they were 81,000 accidents. However, in 2012 the injuries increased to 93,000 but in 2013, they lowered to 88,000.

When making a comparison between motorcycle accidents in 2013, for each mile traveled, motorcyclists were killed 26 times more often in crashes as compared to occupants who were in passenger cars. In the State of California, majority of motorcycle riders and passengers that got killed or injured in motorcycle accidents were between the ages of 25 – 34. The second age group of those injured or killed were between the ages of 15 – 24. Others were between the ages of 45 – 54, followed by those between the ages of 35 to 44 and finally those between the ages of 55 – 64. Only 14 victims were aged 85 and older.

The most fatalities among motorcycle accidents were with high end bikes. 22% of motorcyclists killed in California didn’t have a valid license. It’s a rule that you should have a helmet on while riding a motorcycle in California. 90% of all motorcycle riders who died in 2013 had a helmet on.

Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

 injury claims
injury claims

Rider inexperience is a key factor in many motorcycle crashes/collisions, as statistics show that most accidents take place within 6 months of owning a new bike. Below are common causes.

  • Over speeding
  • Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Improper turning
  • Failing to yield
  • Lane splitting
  • Riding on the wrong side of the road
  • Accidents caused by motor vehicle drivers

Common Motorcycle Injuries

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Riders are advised to wear helmets and durable clothing since it mitigates the harm done in case of an accident. However, even if the rider is wearing a helmet and durable clothing, it doesn’t completely prevent the harm done. In a motorcycle accident, there can be multiple injuries. 30% of all motor cycle deaths are caused by head and brain injuries.

These are the most common motorcycle injuries reported by motorcyclists who are admitted to hospital:

  • Arm and leg injuries that include amputations and severe fractures
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back and spine injury
  • Damage to internal organs of the body

Other injuries that are common include severe burns, blood loss and facial injuries. Eye injuries are also reported once in a while.

The most common injuries to injured motorcyclists who are treated and released from the emergency rooms includes fractures on the arm and leg, foot and knee injuries and road rash.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

motorcycle safety rules

Don’t buy a bike that you can’t handle.

When going for a bike, ensure that it is relative to your size. Ensure that you can sit comfortably on it while reaching the handlebars. It doesn’t make sense for an amateur to buy a high end bike. You should also ensure you easily get off your bike. It shouldn’t feel too heavy.

Purchase anti lock brakes

Anti lock brakes have been proven to be a life saver. These brakes assist one from steering out of control in case they are involved in a crash.

Improve your skills

You shouldn’t take riding for granted. Yes it is easy to learn but there are some rules and regulations you should know especially when you are on the highway. You can also learn advanced techniques like how to perform evasive emergency maneuvers. Learn more at Consumer Reports.

Use your common sense when riding

This sounds like an obvious fact but sometimes motorcycle riders forget. Ensure you don’t ride your motorcycle when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Ensure you also WEAR a helmet. It can save your life.

Wear the right gear

Go for durable gear that will protect you from the wind, debris and flying bugs. The best gear for maximum protection is leather or reinforced gloves, jacket and full pants.

Be defensive

In many motorcycle accidents that involve a car, most of the time, it’s the motor vehicle drivers who are in the wrong. You should therefore be extra alert and watch out for cars when you are changing lane. Keep a safe distance from other cars.

Avoid bad weather

Bad weather conditions may cut your visibility and increase your margin of error. You should there be more careful when riding under bad weather.

What to do after you are involved in a motorcycle accident

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  1. Your health comes first. Check yourself and any other people involved in the accident for injuries. Once you do this, go ahead and call 911.
  2. Take photos of the scene using a camera or your cell phone. This may assist you later with your insurance claims.
  3. Move your bike off the road since it may cause other accidents with oncoming traffic.
  4. Get information including names, addresses, number plates of the car if one has been involved in an accident and the number of witnesses and the contact information of police officer who draws the report.
  5. Call your insurance agent as soon as possible and offer them truthful facts about the accident. However, don’t admit your fault until you have talked to an attorney which is the last step.
  6. Contact an experienced LA motorcycle accident attorney – Call 213-867-1947 – to help deal with the complicated insurance and court process.

California Law with Regards to Motorcycle Accidents

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The law provides that in case a negligent driver causes the death of a motorcyclist, the surviving family members can get compensation with regards to the wrongful death of their loved one. If the motorcyclist doesn’t die but is instead injured, the rider can also get compensation for the injuries that they sustained. These includes payment of medical expenses, replacement of lost income and the cost of coping with the disabling conditions. The injured motorcyclist can also receive compensation in relation to pain and suffering they go through. Read more about motorcycle laws for riders in California.

Why Hire a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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