Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Laguna Niguel Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you’ve suffered from injuries which are related to a motorcycle accident in Laguna Niguel, California, you may wonder what your legal rights are. In other words, you may wonder if you have a chance of accessing damages in court or out of court. These damages are a cash award which is designed to help you handle the costs of medical treatments, rehabilitation and loss of income due to missing work as a result of your injuries.

laguna niguel motorcyclist accident

Most people who are injured in these types of accidents have lots of questions. For example, they may be curious as to whether the driver who (in their view) caused the accident may be found at fault. They may also wonder how to access a settlement which covers their accident-related expenses. Each case is unique, so there are no set answers across the board. For answers to all your questions contact Avrek Law at 866-598-5548.

Only a skilled motorbike accident attorney who operates in this part of California will be able to determine your chances of success. While any form of litigation is always a gamble, having the right motorcycle accident lawyer by your side will be the best way to boost the chances of being awarded damages.

Motorcycle Accident Stats to Consider

The highway patrol for this state offers up some interesting statistics for 2014. These stats come from the CHIPS Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System. According to 2014 records, no one died from a motorbike accident during that year. However, three people were injured due to motorbike accidents in Laguna Niguel.

In terms of statistics for Orange County, seventeen persons died and seven hundred and thirty-five were hurt due to motorbike accidents during 2014.

What to Do After Motorcycle Accident

If you’re hurt and can’t take action after your motorbike accident, you’ll likely be taken to hospital after first responders arrive at the scene of the accident. If you are able to move around and take care of things, we recommend gathering data yourself.

  1. First, connect with local authorities. According to state law, authorities will need to be notified when an injury from an accident of this type takes place. Also, get information from the other party or parties. This means gathering contact data, insurance information, a driver’s license number and license plate numbers.

2. Everyone involved in the accident should exchange information. If witnesses are present, ask for their names and contact numbers or emails as well.

3. It’s smart to photograph the scene and any injuries as soon as possible. Luckily, smart phones with cameras are often at hand. Take pictures of the crash site, as well as pictures of vehicles which have sustained damage. Also, take photos of the positions of the autos, trucks or motorbikes. It’s wise to make written notes of when the crash happened, where it happened, how it happened, etc.

When you are insured and your insurance company does not attend to your needs, you can claim for bad faith insurance.

4. Next, file a report with police. You need to be sure that cops have your version of events. If no one from the police department arrives to take statements, go to the closest police station and do it yourself – don’t wait. Next, go to the hospital or your doctor.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll be ready to see a lawyer about your case. Make sure to select a Laguna Niguel lawyer who specializes in helping clients who’ve been injured in motorcycle accidents. You can also learn more by using the injury calculator.

How To Pick a Motorcycle Attorney

Even if you haven’t followed all of the data-gathering tips that we’ve listed here, you should still consult with a lawyer. An attorney will help you to build a strong case, even if you haven’t done everything by the book since you were injured.

When it comes to choosing a lawyer, find one with an excellent win-loss statistic and also look for an attorney who will save you money by offering you a free consultation. A good attorney will be able to look at the facts and then advise you about the odds of success.

It is possible to be compensated for your injuries – it’s all about proving that another party was at fault. The right legal counsel will be the best way to get things started. A lot of these cases settle out of court, while others will go to court. Good lawyers know how to negotiate good settlements for their clients.

Maryam Parman, Avrek Law