Santa Ana Personal Injury Attorneys

Santa Ana, CA

This is the second most populous city within Orange County, with a population estimated at about 330,000. Situated next to Santa Ana River, this is the 4th most densely populated city in the entire country. This Southern California city is located next to the Santa Ana Mountains, with the Santa Ana Freeway running through it. The city is home to several regional corporate headquarters, amusement parks, and several art and historical museums. It has historically been a busy transit point from Los Angeles in the north to San Diego in the south.

Personal Injury cases in Santa Ana, Ca

This city is served by busy freeways and railroads. These roads have been the location of some horrific accidents and negligent driving. Personal injury cases stemming from car accident injury, bicycle accident, and other motorized transport occur frequently in this city. Many of these cases have required the specialized expertise of an Avrek car accident attorney, to seek justice for injured motorists and pedestrians.

A personal injury case may also emanate from medical malpractice in hospitals, private medical practices, and other health institutions. These are usually caused by the negligent actions of health workers, who fail to provide the legally required minimum standard of care to patients. These cases can lead to serious injury, exacerbation of existing illnesses, or ultimately death.

Businesses, employers, and even residential homeowners have also negligently caused injury to other member of the public through careless actions. This commonly involves slip and fall accidents, or bites from pets and other animals in their care.

What should you seek justice for personal injury?

The negligent actions of others may not necessarily constitute a crime under the law. The major aim of personal injury claims is to provide relief and restitution for the pain and suffering caused by such negligence. All members of the public are expected to take reasonable care to protect the lives and health of others.

Personal injury may at times be negligible and only cause slight discomfort. In many instances, a simple accident can destroy the quality of life. Serious injuries can cost enormous sums, which can bankrupt an injured person. On top of this, the extensive recuperating period means no income can be earned. Furthermore, permanent disability of a breadwinner can impoverish entire families.

For this reason, a personal injury settlement will go a long way to providing much needed relief and compensation for suffering.

Who pays compensation?

The person or institution whose negligent actions resulted in personal injury is usually wholly or partly liable for their actions. They are therefore held responsible for any loss of life or injury. However, these cases are usually indemnified by a liability insurance cover. Therefore, the insurer will pay compensation and all costs involved in the case on behalf of the liable person.

Do you need legal help?

Insurers are some of the toughest corporations to wring any dollar amount from. They are wholly driven by profit, and will resist at all costs any claim they hope to get away with. As such, an innocent and inexperienced victim will find many obstacles when trying to seek compensation for personal injury.
The best course of action is to secure the services of a Santa Ana personal injury attorney at Avrek Law Firm. Our highly rated and results oriented track record has made us a leading California personal injury law firm. We have the resources to relentlessly pursue every legal avenue to ensure you receive just and fair compensation.

What should you expect?

Personal injury lawsuits vary from one case to another. The legal process will determine what is just and fair based on the following:

  • How much pain and suffering you went through
  • How much earnings were lost due to injury
  • Total legal and medical costs of the injury
  • The lost dependency caused by a wrongful death
  • The extent of disability and loss of quality of life

For these matters to be determined rightly in your favor, it is critical that you do not enter into any agreement with the other party until you have received expert legal advice. This will protect your rights and interests in securing the highest possible personal injury settlement.

Call our aggressive and highly dedicated Santa Ana personal injury attorney to pursue justice on your behalf, should you are involved in any sort of accident.