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San Francisco

This is one of America’s most iconic cities. Home to the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, the city is popular the world over for its great liberal culture. San Francisco is situated close to the world’s center for technology at Silicon Valley. It has been a magnet for culture, art, great cuisine, and entertainment for ages. The San Francisco Bay area has also been routinely billed as one of the best places to live in the world. The city was founded in 1776, and remains one of the largest metropolitan areas on the continent.

Personal injury cases in San Francisco

A huge city like San Francisco naturally bears witness to serious car accident injury. Major freeways and congested roads are regular scenes of reckless and drunk driving. They often result in death and serious physical injury from bicycle accidents and vehicular collisions. An experienced car accident attorney will pursue any vehicular compensation claim.

The large medical community in San Francisco is also subjected to numerous medical malpractice cases every year. They result from doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff, who negligently cause injuries and other trauma to patients. These come in the form of carelessly performed medical procedures, wrong prescriptions, or lack of the proper standard of care expected of a health professional.

Personal injury cases also arise from slip and fall accidents at premises. These may be caused by careless staff neglecting to mop wet floors, or failure to remove obstructions from walkways. Heavy objects may also fall on unsuspecting members of the public, when people negligently leave them unsecured. These are just a few examples of the many types of incidences that can give rise to personal injury claims.

What happens when you are injured?

Anyone who falls victim to an injurious accident should first and foremost seek medical attention. Even minor accidents can degenerate into serious health problems, if not properly attended to by a doctor. To make matters worse, courts will deny or grossly reduce such a person’s compensation. This is because he will be held responsible for the worsening condition.

Secondly, the injured person should request immediate consultation with a California personal injury law firm. Competent attorneys at Avrek Law Firm will assess the case, and advice on whether a liability claim exists.

We shall then institute a compensation claim with the relevant insurer. Should this fail, our aggressive San Francisco personal injury attorney will seek redress through a personal injury lawsuit in court. We have expert legal teams to handle even the most complex personal injury claims.

Why you should never take any action without legal advice

Insurance adjusters will at times enter negotiation with injured persons to seek a quick settlement. This should not fool you, as they are merely looking to commit you to a meager compensation deal. Once you sign the agreement, there will be no going back to seek extra compensation.

Additionally, an inexperienced person acting without legal advice will not be able to negotiate the best possible settlement. This may be further complicated when the injuries and trauma from an accident prevents objective bargaining. This task is best handled by our expert San Francisco personal injury attorney.

Injured persons or their relatives may also unknowingly pass information an insurer, which may limit their chances of a successful settlement. This may be especially damaging if the case proceeds to court. Only competent attorneys acting on their behalf can make the best decisions in this regard.

What happens if a loved one dies in an accident?

The surviving members of persons severely injured, in a coma, or dead, have the legal right to institute a claim. This can be a wrongful death claim in cases where a person is killed. The family members are entitled to compensation for the loss and suffering, including loss of support for dependent spouses and children.

What can you claim compensation for?

The law allows injured persons to claim restitution for lost income due to disability, pain and suffering, psychological trauma, and all medical and legal costs of the case. Compensation may also be given for loss of consortium in a marriage or relationship. Many other grounds for compensation are also available.

If you have been involved in a San Francisco accident or medical malpractice, contact the experienced team at Avrek Law Firm for the highest standard of legal representation.