Sacramento Personal Injury Attorneys

Sacramento, Ca

This iconic city has grown from a small missionary outpost, to be the state capital of California. It is located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River, in the Central California Valley. It has risen from a supply and logistics center during the California gold rush, into a modern center of industry, commerce, transportation, and education. Sacramento city is home to over 475,000 residents, making it the 5th largest in the state. It is famed as America’s most diverse city.

Personal injury lawsuits in Sacramento

Our distinguished Sacramento personal injury attorney practice has handled diverse cases of personal injury in this city. The busy city highways have served more than their fair share of traumatic accidents onto the dwellers of this beautiful city. Car accident injury, bicycle accident injury, and medical malpractice have been a regular occurrence in Sacramento.

Our car accident attorney practice is highly adept at handling compensation claims arising out of a wide variety of vehicular collisions, including debilitating and often fatal truck collisions. These are usually the result of overworked and tired truckers, who cause massive injuries when their huge trucks crash smaller vehicles and pedestrians.

Furthermore, the wide ranging forms of medical malpractice cases in Sacramento have been successfully prosecuted by our highly experienced legal teams. These range from wrongful death suits caused by negligent medical procedures by doctors, to wrong prescriptions by physicians.

What constitutes a personal injury case?

Accidents do happen and are recognized as a part of life by the law. Not every accident leads to a personal injury lawsuit. Several factors, including whether the person who caused the accident acted with reasonable care to prevent injury, will have to be determined.

Any contributory negligence on the part of the claimant can also negate or reduce a compensation claim. For example, failure to take reasonable care to avoid injury, or failing to seek medical attention in time is considered contributory negligence by the law.

What can endanger your claim?

There are several things injured persons do, which ruin their personal injury case. Common mistakes include:

  • Not reporting the accident in time
  • Failing to seek medical treatment
  • Admitting liability.
  • Settling with the insurer before seeking legal advice.
  • Claiming compensation after expiry of the statute of limitations
  • Seeking compensation without supporting medical proof

Why you need a Sacramento personal injury attorney

Many personal injury claimants fail to realize the extent to which insurers are willing to go to deny a claim. The many bad faith cases against insurance companies are testament to this widespread practice. Insurance claim adjusters are adept at cutting corners. They routinely deny policy coverage, withhold crucial information, and use aggressive tactics to settle claims. They also give false medical information to claimants to convince them to settle.

These bad faith tactics can only be prevented by seeking the representation of an experienced and qualified attorney at Avrek Law Firm. We have extensive experience and inside knowledge of the insurance industry, which puts us in the best position to counter any tactic from an insurer.

We have aggressive legal teams that can find medical reports and expert testimony to back your case. Our attorneys are highly experienced negotiators, who know every trick in the book that insurers use to force a meager settlement from vulnerable claimants.

What can Avrek Law Firm do for you?

Any client injured by an accident or medical malpractice, can expect the best level of legal representation in the country. We shall relentlessly pursue compensation for lost earnings, pain and suffering, psychological trauma, permanent or temporary disability, medical and legal costs. We will ensure you receive just and fair compensation to enable you to make the best of your life.

Contact us today if you or a family member has suffered a personal injury. Our celebrated attorneys will work round the clock for a fair and just compensation for you.