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Sixty miles east of Los Angeles, Riverside is the largest city in the Inland Empire metropolitan area with a population of over 313,000, making it the 59th largest city in the United States. It is the county seat of Riverside County.

Riverside was founded in 1870 by John W. North, a staunch abolitionist from Tennessee, and was named for its location beside the Santa Ana River. The California citrus industry is said to have originated in Riverside. Orange trees were first planted in the area in 1871 and citrus farms soon blossomed into a major industry in southern California, as the Mediterranean climate and soil conditions allowed for abundant crops of navel oranges and other citrus fruits.

Over time as the city and surrounding communities expanded and became more urbanized, the citrus industry became less and less prominent. Riverside is a hub for higher education, technology, law, government, and finance. Large employers in Riverside include the County of Riverside, University of California Riverside, Riverside Unified School District, Kaiser Permanente (health care), Riverside Community Hospital, and Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center.

The historic landmark Mission Inn hotel is located in downtown Riverside. An intricate collection of various architectural styles built over a 30-year period in the early part of the 1900s, the Mission Inn has long been a destination for famous politicians, industrialists and movie stars. Richard and Pat Nixon were married in one of the two wedding chapels, and Ronald and Nancy Reagan honeymooned at the inn. Eight other U.S. presidents have visited, including Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush. The Mission Inn has been the backdrop of numerous movies as well, such as 1939’s Idiot’s Delight with Clark Gable, Billy Wilder’s 1981 comedy Buddy Buddy with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, and 1998’s The Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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