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Palmdale is a city of approximately 150,000 people, which lies within the Los Angeles County. These two cities lie on either side of the San Gabriel Mountain Range, with Palmdale located in the Antelope Valley. This city has been home to America’s aerospace contractors since WWII. Most aircraft operated in the military are built in Palmdale. The city is home to the famous Edwards Air Force Base, and defense contractors remain the dominant employers in the area. Palmdale has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country over the last two decades.

What makes a personal injury case?

Determining what makes a personal injury case depends on legal interpretations of the events. At the core of the case is whether reasonable care was taken to prevent it from happening. Secondly, whether the injured person took steps to mitigate his injuries is equally important. Blame can be apportioned either way, or contributory negligence shared between parties. This will determine how much, if any, compensation an injured person will receive.

Personal injury cases commonly arise from a car accident injury, bicycle accident, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, and pet attacks. At the heart of each of these events is a negligent person, whose failure to exercise care lead to injury.

A drunk or reckless truck driver who hits another motorist is considered negligent. A medical professional who prescribes the wrong medication, or performs the wrong surgery, is deemed to have caused a personal injury. The same applies to a pet owner, who fails to control his dog which subsequently bites a visitor. Slip and fall accidents occur when wet spots are negligently not dried up by cleaning staff, causing injury to others.

Do you need a Palmdale personal injury attorney?

As is clearly evident, a personal injury case is not necessarily a straight forward matter. This is the reason why intervention of the courts is frequently called upon, to determine whether compensation should be paid. The process of assessing the merits of your case will begin with your insurer, who will use experienced claims adjusters to ideally nip your case in the bud.

Insurers have no motivation to pay out huge sums to injured persons. This only reduces their fat profits. The sole job of the adjuster is to find as much evidence as possible to discredit your case. Witnesses, alcohol bills, and other evidence, can be used to sway a court in the insurers favor.

Furthermore, the process of filing a claim requires a lot of documentation from doctors, labs, scans, pharmacies, physiotherapists, employers, and the police where necessary. These are required to prove personal injury claims.
Avrek Law personal injury attorneys are experienced, and have the resources to do all this on your behalf. This especially crucial if you are physically unable to do the runaround. Our expert legal teams will watch your back, to ensure the insurance company does not run roughshod over your compensation claim.

What can Avrek Law Attorneys do for you?

Our specialized personal injury law firm has been widely celebrated in prestigious publications. Our service and legal expertise is unmatched in the state. We have built an enviable track record, through decades of relentless pursuit of justice for victims of personal injury.

Avrek Law Firm shall aggressively pursue every legal avenue to ensure you receive fair and speedy compensation. This includes the full costs of medical and rehabilitation care, legal fees, loss of past and future income, and compensation for disability. Compensation for loss of dependency caused by wrongful death accidents shall also be vigorously pursued.