Newport Beach Personal Injury Attorneys

The City of Newport Beach

Strategically positioned in the coastal center of Orange County, Newport Beach which was incorporated September 1, 1906 is a vibrant city with an estimated permanent population of 86,738 which drastically swells to well over 100,000 during summer due to the influx of tourists. The fine residential areas, a strong business community, modern shopping facilities and a quality school system reveal how organized and robust the city of Newport Beach is. The city surrounds Newport Bay which has about eight miles of ocean beach offering excellent fishing, surfing swimming and other aquatic sporting activities.

The flavor of the distinct commercial and residential areas, combine to make Newport Beach the most attractive community on the west coast beach. The City of Newport Beach is also known for its collection of villages each having its own unique character and appearance.

Personal Injury Legal Services in Newport Beach

Accidents that happen due to the recklessness, negligence or carelessness of other people, attract a lawsuit. While it may seem a simple and straightforward term, personal injury brings together a collection of many different things including the acts of incompetent doctors, distracted drivers, the effects of dangerous drugs manufactured by a corporation that did not follow the right procedure among other wrongful acts.

Situations Resulting Into Personal Injury Claims

Generally, any personal injury case is compensable as long as it is caused by another party other than the injured. The following are some of the common situations that give rise to lawsuits.

  • Car accidents– Auto accidents have become a common scene in our reads today. They are mainly caused by over speeding, drunk driving, failure to adhere to traffic signs, dangerous road conditions and bad weather.
  • Motorcycle accidents– Because of the inadequate physical protection of the riders, motorcycle accidents can be fatal. Most of them are caused by poor visibility and failure of the drivers to see the motorbikes ahead. Many of these accidents cause spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries that require specialized medical care.
  • Defective products– any manufacturer who designs a product that is defective and harmful to the intended market is liable for personal injury. This is because of his failure to warn consumers about such effects well in advance.
  • Medical malpractice – Every year, thousands of Americans file for personal injury claims arising from errors of medical practitioners. Some of them conduct unnecessary procedures on patients while others go ahead to perform procedures on the wrong patient. Victims in these cases qualify for personal injury settlement.

Personal Injury Damages

If you prevail in a personal injury case, you will be awarded damages. The jury determines the personal injury settlement on a case by case basis. The two main types of damages in an award are punitive and compensatory damages.

  • Compensatory Damages
    These damages are offered with the aim of reinstating the victim back to the position he would have been had the injury not occurred. The dollar amount in compensation is meant to cater for financial, emotional and physical restoration. The two categories of these damages are; special damages which compensate for monetary related losses and general damages which compensate for non-monetary losses.Monetary losses lump together medical expenses the cost of living with disability, lost wages, replacement or repair of property and funeral expenses where applicable. Non-monetary losses on the other hand include suffering and pain and loss of consortium such as affection, comfort solace, assistance and even companionship.
  • Punitive Damages
    These are damages aimed at punishing the defendant in the personal injury case for inflicting injuries on the plaintiff and to deter others from committing such an offence. These damages are usually awarded when the conduct of the defendant has been found to be outrageous or egregious.

Personal Injury Settlement

Recipients of damages arising from personal injuries can choose to receive them either as structured settlements or as a lump sum. The lump sum damages award is a one off payment that the defendant makes to the plaintiff.

The structured settlement plan on the other hand involves disbursement of the damages on a periodical basis usually monthly or yearly. The advantage of this is that such damages attract reduced federal and state income taxes and have a higher likelihood of recovery from the defendant.

Personal injury incidences can take a toll on your health and well-being. Instead of fighting it alone, contact a California personal injury law firm to help you build your case so as to receive a full personal injury settlement.