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Incorporated in Dec 1897, Long Beach has grown to be the seventh largest city in the state of California, and 36th largest in the USA. It has a population of nearly half a million, having been inhabited by indigenous tribes for over 100 centuries. Long Beach Port is one of the biggest in the world, and second in the country. The city has been an attractive destination for manufacturing, shipping, and several other industry sectors. Long Beach is therefore a busy, modern, and highly developed cosmopolitan city.

Long Beach Personal injury cases

A modern city like Long Beach gets its fair share of accidents and incidents that led to personal injury. They usually result from negligence or other oversight by an individual or business, which causes physical or psychological harm. This can lead to either temporary or permanent disability, with serious loss of quality of life. An injured person may be unable to move, work, sleep, and even get permanently traumatized.

Causes of personal injury in Long Beach, CA

Such cases may be the result of a car accident injury, a slip and fall on premises, bicycle accident, or medical malpractice. These incidents may be caused by dangerous or reckless driving by a motorist, cyclist, or truck driver. Negligent actions from the owners of a home or business can cause a slip and fall, or injury by a falling heavy object. Furthermore, hospital staff like nurses and doctors may perform medical procedures wrongly, on the wrong patient, or prescribe the wrong medication.

Personal injury claims

Any physical injury or trauma that results from each of these actions are subject to personal injury claims by law. A personal injury law firm is usually contacted in such cases, to ensure a fair personal injury settlement is secured. These can be done through negotiation or by instituting a personal injury case in court.

Compensation will depend on the extent of the injury, amount of income lost, and the pain and suffering caused by the injury. A wrongful death claim may also be brought against the insurer by dependants of a person killed through such incidents.

Why you need a California personal injury law firm

There are many issues involved with any personal injury case. The type of injury suffered can result into high medical and rehabilitation costs. These can be especially expensive when spinal injuries occur. Furthermore, there may be loss of income through disability, which needs to be compensated. The pain and suffering in some cases may be chronic and extensive, requiring a huge settlement.

Insurance companies are there to make a profit, and these cases can be costly to pay out. They therefore have little interest in paying out huge claims. Insurers have been known to useĀ bad faith tactics, including unfair denial, aggressive settlement strategies, among other unjust methods. Furthermore, their huge resources are stacked heavily against the claimant, making a fair contest almost impossible.

The complex nature of compensation law also makes matters very difficult for an injured claimant. For these reasons, you will require the expert and aggressive support of Avrek Law Firm attorneys. We have the experience to navigate through the complex nuances peculiar to each personal injury case. We offer you the peace of mind to recover from your injury and rehabilitation. We have the expertise and resources to collect all documentation and expert reports. We will also engage in aggressive negotiation on your behalf, which may at times be protracted and complex.

Contact Avrek Law Firm as early as possible. This will ensure your compensation claim is pursued professionally right from the beginning, to exclude any chance of an unfair compensation denial.