Injured in an Accident? Use Avrek Law Firm's Personal Injury Calculator To Estimate Your Settlement

The personal injury calculator should only be used as a general estimate of your settlement worth. In personal injury law each individual case is unique with varying factors that can contribute to great differences in the amount of settlement . It is always in your best interest to find the most experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys who can maximize your compensation.

Avrek Law Firm’s  personal injury calculator can give you a general idea on the amount of monetary compensation that you may receive from an accident you’ve suffered in California. This formula is generally applied for less serious injuries.

For extreme injuries it is recommended that you consult a professional California personal injury lawyer.

The general formula for personal injury compensation is:

Maximum $ = Pain Multiplier x Medical Expenses + Loss of Income

  • The Pain Multiplier depends upon the extent of your injury. A less serious injury such as a sprain, may have a Pain Multiplier of 1-3, whereas a more serious injury such as broken bones can have a Multiplier of 3-5. Very serious injuries which result in debilitating or disfiguring condition can go even higher.
  • Medical Expenses is the cost of your of your medical treatment after the injury and what more may incur for following treatment.
  • Loss of Income is the amount of income you will stand to lose as a result of your injury.

How to Determine Your Settlement Amount
After a Car Accident in California

For auto accidents, more factors can also affect the amount of settlement you may receive, such as other costs associated with accident (car rental costs) and how much you were at fault in the accident (fault %). Insurance companies will conduct an investigation into the car accident to decide how much at fault you were and reduce your claim by an amount proportional to the fault percentage.

For example, if your claim was $15,000 – $20,000 and an insurance determines that you were 30% at fault, your settlement would be reduced 30% to $10500 – $14,000. Your fault percentage entirely subjective and is only determined after a thorough investigation by the insurance company.