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Semi-Truck Head-On Accidents

Semi-truck head-on collision accidents can be fatal even in cases where the car is travelling at slow speeds.

Victims incur large medical and hospital bills and have to worry about pain and suffering for years to come.

Any 18 wheeler or semi-truck accident can be life threatening, but a head-on collision is extremely dangerous.

All commercial truck accidents are dangerous, but below we’ve gone into great detail about head-on accidents.

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  • Section 1: What is a Semi-truck Head On accident?
  • Section 2: Main Causes of Semi-truck Head On accidents
  • Section 3: How to avoid Semi-truck Head On accidents
  • Section 4: Common Injuries caused by Semi-truck Head On accidents
  • Section 5: Who is liable in a Semi-truck Head On accident?
  • Section 6: Semi-truck Head On accident statistics
  • Section 7: Why You Need a Lawyer If You’re Injured in a Semi-truck Head On Accident?

What is a Semi-truck Head-On Accident?              

A head-on collision is when the front end of a vehicle comes into contact with the front end of another vehicle and the two vehicles crash into each other.

Head-on collision accidents (that involve semi-trucks) often lead to death of the vehicle occupants because of the sudden nature of the collision and the abrupt speed that the vehicles were travelling.

In cases where a semi-truck rams into a smaller vehicle, it can be fatal to the occupants of the smaller vehicle due to the large size of the truck, and the fact it can weigh up to 80,000 pounds.

Semi-truck head-on accidents are among the worst type of automobile accidents.

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Main Causes of Semi-truck Head On Accidents

The main causes of semi-truck head-on accidents is driver negligence. Actions that amount to driver negligence include:

  • Driver fatigue – This happens when a semi-truck driver continues driving for long hours even when they are tired without changing shifts with other drivers.
  • Distraction – Eating, talking to a passenger, looking for something in the truck cab, texting, talking on the cell phone
  • This is one major cause of head-on collisions since the driver isn’t able to control the car when there is an oncoming vehicle or to swerve. Semi-trucks also take time to change direction.
  • Older drivers whose reflexes are slower and find it hard to move out of the way or who forget and use exit highways on entrance ramps rather than exit ramps due to poor memory.

There are other causes that are not related to driver negligence that often lead to semi-truck head-on collisions and they include:

  • Faulty traffic signs and signals. These often happen at an intersection
  • Poor road conditions such as inadequate lighting, broken guardrails, large potholes, road debris or non-existent or faded lane divider lines.
  • Collateral accidents. These happen when several cars bounce off each other and one or more cars are pushed onto incoming traffic.


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How to Avoid Semi-truck Head-On Accidents

  • Avoid using your cellphone to talk or text when you are driving. Semi-truck drivers should also avoid any distractions such as eating or looking for something while the truck is moving.
  • Drivers should pay attention on the road. This way, the driver will have enough time to react and can miss a collision by swerving.
  • Turn on the lights even during the day to atrract the attention of the other driver who may be distracted.
  • Observe the lane markers and avoid driving on the centerline. When passing, make sure that you are aware.
  • When you are on multi-lane highways, drive on the right lane areas and if you are on the left sides, stay on the lane that is close to the right as possible.

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Common Injuries From Semi-truck Head-On Accidents

Injuries that result from head-on accidents are some of the worst. The injuries that can result from a head-on collision include:

Who is Liable in a Semi-truck Head-On Accident?

Due to the damage caused, it may take a long time to prove liability in this cases.

If the semi-truck driver was found to violate traffic laws like – failure to yield or over speeding, this can be used as prima facie evidence for negligence.

Commercial truck drivers are supposed to follow more laws as compared to other ordinary drivers.

This is because trucks occupy large spaces on roads and require more skilled driving and maneuvering. There are federal and state regulations that are supposed to be observed.

There are specific requirements within these laws, such as the max hours a semi-truck driver should drive, the size of the vehicle and the weight of the load.

When investigations are carried out to find who is liable, these are some of the considerations that are examined.

In some cases, the employer of the commercial truck may be held liable especially if they hadn’t maintained the vehicle well or they had overloaded it.

If the collision was caused by break failure, the victims of the accidents and their dependents can follow a product liability claim for money damages against either:

  • The manufacturer of the brakes
  • The manufacturer of the commercial truck
  • The maintenance company including the dealership


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Semi-truck Head-on Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the use of airbags and seat belt reduces the fatality rate in automobile crashes by 61 percent.

However, despite this, people are still losing their lives in head on collisions due to stats like these;

  • 26% of truck accidents caused by prescription drug use
  • 23% caused by driver going too fast
  • 13% caused by driver fatigue

Why You Need a Lawyer If You’re Injured in a Semi-truck Head On Accident?

Head-on collisions are normally dangerous and they often lead to the loss of lives and can cause serious injuries to the persons involved.

It is important that you get an experienced truck accident lawyer in the field of head-on collision accidents to ensure that you get compensation that will cover your medical bills – past, present and future and other damages such as lost time for work, losing a job and the pain and suffering caused.

Dealing with insurance companies requires that you also have an experienced lawyer who can deal with the defense attorneys representing the other party.

Many people ask “what is my vehicle accident claim worth” and really the best answer is contact a personal injury attorney.

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