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When Animals Attack: What to do in the Event of a Dog Bite

Dog bites are the most common type of animal attack, and the most likely to have a negligent owner who should be liable for his pooch’s misbehavior. Around 1,000 people per day are injured by dog bites and the American Humane Society estimates that close to 5 million individuals are bitten by dogs each year. That stunning statistic becomes even more horrific when you realize that most attacks are on defenseless children, can result in maiming or mauling of children, generally occur around the tender head and neck area on the victim and are most likely to happen right in your front yard or neighborhood. The CDC estimates that 82% of the 300,000 dog bite victims who require emergency care every year are children under 15 years old, and babies are 370 times more likely to be killed by a vicious dog.

In any of these cases, you may be able to recover damages from the owner of the dangerous animal. If you are ever bitten, the first thing to do is seek medical attention as even a small animal bite can cause severe infection or even death if the animal was diseased. Once you’ve covered your bases medically, next it’s time to consult an Anaheim dog bite lawyer.

anaheim dog bite lawyers

Types of compensation

As with any liability lawsuit, there are certain types of compensation which are common and others which can be challenging to prove. The normal types of compensation include things like medical expenses, pain and suffering that you’ve suffered as a result of the dog bite, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life. Any or all of these damages require a qualified attorney to evaluate whether or not your particular instance would allow you to recoup your losses. Settlements can also include time off from work while you’re recovering, time your spouse loses from work to care from you, and mental and emotional stress and trauma. Avrek Law has over 30 years experience fighting for our clients and winning cases.

What’s the process to justice?

Your Anaheim dog bite lawyer or attorney will ask you to provide a detailed overview of the circumstances leading up to your dog bite, including the owner’s phone number and full name so be sure to gather that information as soon as possible. Be sure to keep track of anyone who may have witnessed the incident and write down their contact information as well. If you’re able to immediately get pictures of both the animal as well as your injury, that is always beneficial. The dog bite attorney will need to prove that you were legally on the premises when you were attacked as well as prove ownership of the animal and that the bite did in fact occur as well as proof of the extent of the injuries. Finding the best personal injury attorney can be difficult, but when you contact Avrek Law you’ll find the road to justice is a lot easier. Avrek Law can also help with Anaheim brain injury cases, auto accidents in Anaheim, truck, and even bus accident injuries.

Why use a dog bite attorney?

Some dog bites are very basic and straightforward and may not even include a doctor visit, and if they do include a visit to the doctor it’s only for a tetanus booster or a few stitches. This is the type of bite that you can likely negotiate a fair settlement with the animal’s owner yourself. However, in cases of severe physical or emotional trauma, intense pain or long-term follow up care or even surgery, you are best served by consulting an experienced dog bite lawyer. If you or someone you love has suffered a serious dog bite, give the Anaheim dog bite lawyers at Avrek Law Firm a call at 866-598-5548 for a free consultation to be sure you receive the fair handling of your case that you deserve. We are dedicated to fighting to secure your financial future and will always put your needs first to win you the justice you deserve.


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