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Dogs are man’s best friend but in some instances they can turn into dangerous pets. Each year, there are millions of dog attacks and dog bites in the United States. The most common group affected by dog bites are children. Dog bites are the top cause for emergency visits by children as compared to anything else including burns. Dog bites can cause severe laceration injuries especially to children who are under the age of 10. 77% of all dog bites happen to children and the main body parts they are attacked are their arms, legs, heads and faces. Dog bites often lead to infection. One should get medical help quickly after a dog bite.

Each year, more than 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs. Half of this number are children who are aged between 5 and 9 years old. According to the Centers of Disease Control, one out of 5 bites that happen cause an injury that requires immediate medical attention. If you need to speak with a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles please contact Avrek Law.

Each year, damages awarded in connection to dog bites are over $2 billion dollars in the United States. 61% of all dog attacks happen in the dog owner’s home or their immediate neighborhoods. It is common for dogs that are familiar to attack even when they are considered not to be dangerous.

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In some cases, dogs bite family members and friends and no one wants to sue someone who is close to them. However, dog bites cause emotional distress but luckily insurance can cover most of the costs. However there are times insurance companies refuse to pay for such claims.

How to Prevent Dog Bites

  • Pick a dog with good temperament when choosing a dog for a pet
  • Don’t get near dogs that you don’t know
  • If you ever leave your children with a dog, first ensure that the dog is familiar to the children and there is someone watching
  • Don’t play with a dog that is feeding its puppies or that is eating
  • Approach a dog slowly and also let the dog also approach you
  • If you encounter an aggressive dog, do not run! Walk away slowly while avoiding eye contact with the dog.

Treating a Dog Bite

This guide will show you how to apply first aid after you get a dog bite or someone close to you gets a dog bite. However, ensure you also seek medical attention after getting first aid especially in cases where you get an infection (e.g. swelling, pus or redness), when the dog bite is deep or if you can’t stop bleeding.

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First Aid for a Dog Bite

  • Place a clean cloth over the injury so that you can stop bleeding
  • Keep the area that was injured elevated
  • Once bleeding stops, wash the area with soap and water
  • Place a sterile bandage on the wound
  • Put some antibiotic ointment on the injury each day to prevent further infection

Questions you should expect from a medical doctor

  • Were you familiar with the dog or did you know its owner?
  • If you knew the dog, had the dog received up to date vaccination including a vaccination for rabies?
  • Did you provoke the dog?
  • What are some of the health conditions you have? People who have liver disease or diabetes may be at a higher risk of infection since over time these illnesses lead to low immunity.

Immediate Steps to take after the Dog Bite has been treated

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There are some legal steps you should follow once the dog bite has been treated in order to protect injury claims and to mitigate losses. Here are the steps:

Determine who owns the dog

After receiving treatment, get to know who owns the dog. You can do this by asking around. Ensure that you tell the person to secure the dog and that it is quarantined.

Identify an insurance company that provides potential coverage

This is important. In some cases, there may be multiple policies of insurance including the injured victim having one that covers for wounds.

Call local Los Angeles police and animal control agents and file a complainant

The animal control agents will impound the animal to prevent it from causing further injuries and test it for rabies and other diseases. In some cases, they can prove whether the animal has attacked other people and have it impounded.

Take evidence

This is crucial especially when you will be arguing your case out. Take photos with your cell phone camera or a camera if you have one. Some of the things you should take a photo of include the location of attack and the injury you sustained. You can also take the names, phone numbers and addresses of the witnesses which you will use later. Keep the clothes as they are with the dirt and blood.

California Law with regards to Dog Bites

Strict Liability

In some States, the law requires that in order to be a victim, the defendant has to prove that the dog attacked or set upon someone else in the past. However, in California, this doesn’t apply. California law provides that the dog owner has strict liability when there dog attacks and bites another person.

This therefore implies that a dog doesn’t have to be known as ‘dangerous’ in order for one to prove their case. Once evidence shows that the dog attacked a person and bit him, then the person can be awarded damages for the body and emotional harm that was caused by the dog.

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Burden and Standard of Proof

In order for one to claim damages, one has to prove the following:

  • That they were not trespassing in the dog owners land. The person must be hurt either in public property that was open to the public at the time or private property in which they had direct or implied permission to be there.
  • The owner of the dog
  • The injuries they suffered in order to get compensation

Types of Compensation that are available

  1. Recovery of Medical Bills

These are the costs incurred while getting medical treatment and they include future medications and therapy that will be provided.

  1. Lost Wages and Employment

This is compensation for loss of a contract or job because of the injury. It also includes time taken off work.

  • Loss of consortium

This is in the event the victim lost love and affection.

  1. Punitive Dogs

These are rewarded if it is proved that the dog owner intentionally set out the dog on the victim.

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