City of Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Statistics of Motorcycle Accidents in Santa Ana

A lot of the dive motorcyclists are given a bad reputation, especially by car drivers. Drivers often claim that motorcyclists are difficult to see which makes them the dangerous road users. However, the real truth is that drivers don’t look out for motorcyclists or pay attention to them as valid road users and the consequences of this oversight are devastating. The 2013 California State-wide Integrated Traffic Records System reported that over 50 people suffered from personal injury as a result of motorcycle accidents. A large percentage of these accidents resulted in fatalities because motorcycle riders often do not have enough protection to keep them safe from harm.

  • Motorcycle Accident in Santa Ana in June 2014

    A driver operating a Ford crashed into the side of the victim’s motorcycle at the intersection of Raitt and First Street in Santa Ana. The motorcyclist was considered in a critical condition when the emergency team arrived on the scene and he was quickly transported to hospital where the expertise of the staff managed to save his life. Motorcycle accidents are very common at this intersection and some locals have suggested that the reason for this is because it’s difficult to see in every direction due to the landscape. And, this is just one intersection that sees such regular accidents. We regularly contact the city to inform them of these dangerous areas.

  • Motorcycle Accident in Santa Ana in July 2014

    A white Jeep collided with a Harley near Warner and Bristol Street one the most dangerous intersections in Santa Ana. The collision occurred when the driver of the Jeep was making a left turn and it could have easily been avoided. The motorcyclist received excellent medical care at a local hospital and made a full recovery.

What to do if you’ve had a Motorcycle Accident

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Santa Ana and you feel that it wasn’t your fault then it would be in your best interests to contact one of our experienced attorneys today. We have a wealth of experience dealing with motorcycle accident cases and are proud to boast a 99% success rate combined with a strong history of client satisfaction. We have experience dealing with cases of all levels ranging from individuals to corporations and multi-million dollar settlements. We know that accidents take an emotional and physical toll. This is why we provide a tailored service taking care of all the stressful legal details so you can focus on your recovery. Here at Avrek Law Firm we have a long history of winning cases for our clients and giving people some semblance of normal life back. We want to do the same thing for you. There is no need for you to suffer any more than you already have done. Contact us today on 949-203-3814 for a no hassle no obligation free consultation.


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