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These injuries are pretty common in motorcycle accidents

Anytime you’re talking about a motorcycle accident, the opportunity for injury to occur is sky high – and
even worse than that is the fact that these injuries are almost always life-threatening due to the very nature of motorcycles themselves.
Here are just some of the most common injuries individuals suffer when they are involved in motorcycle accidents.

Head and spinal cord injuries

Even though every single motorcycle rider (and passenger) on a Californian road is required by law to be
wearing a helmet, these kinds of injuries – injuries to the head and spinal cord – are pretty common.

Most of these injuries can be quickly diagnosed by determining whether or not anyone lost consciousness both during and after the accident, though not always. You’ll need to see a medical professional immediately to determine the extent of these kinds of injuries.

Back injuries

PThere are lots of people dealing with significant back pain on a regular basis anyway, but back injuries
stemming from motorcycle accidents can completely cripple and debilitate an individual almost for a lifetime. Blunt force trauma to any part of your back can be incredibly destructive, causing soft tissue damage as well as threatening to break bones and collapsed discs in your spine.

Broken bones and lacerations

The overwhelming majority of accidents involving motorcycles result in some broken bones and lacerations, but honestly people are usually pretty lucky if they are able to walk away from a motorcycle accident with these “low-level” injuries. Even still, you need to be checked out and cleared by a medical professional before doing absolutely anything.

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