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Buena Park Dog Bite

Individuals that are victims of dog bites can be scarred significantly in a variety of different ways – physically, emotionally, and psychologically for sure. Dog attacks are usually very traumatic experiences across the board, the kind of thing that most people aren’t likely to forget anytime soon. On top of that, major medical intervention is usually necessary to recover from these kinds of injuries – and sometimes the medical bills can really start to pile up.
There are a number of other challenges that the victims of dog bites are going to have to face when they are looking to get their lives back on track, which is why attorneys like Maryam Parman are so serious about making sure that everyone in Buena Park gets the quality representation and results they’re looking for when they’ve been attacked so savagely.

Better understanding the California Dog Bite Law

California is one of the few states in the US that have clearly outlined dog bite laws on the books, which is fantastic news for you as a Californian resident and a citizen of the Buena Park area.

You see, under California legal code 3342 (A), you are going to be able to exercise your rights as granted to you by the state of California to pursue legal recourse against anyone whose dog has bitten or attacked you.

According to the law: The owner of any dog is immediately liable for damages that are suffered by any individual that has been bitten by said dog while in a public place or (lawfully) in a private residence – including on the property of the owner of the dog.

There is a tremendous amount of liability placed upon the shoulders of anyone that owns a dog in the event of an attack or a biting incident, and individuals that are the victims of these kinds of attacks will usually always have the opportunity to pursue some sort of recourse or compensation for the injuries and expenses that they have incurred.

Obviously, you’ll want to make sure that you have quality representation in your corner to verify that you are as protected and as well represented as possible, and that you stand every chance of getting the results you’re after.
That’s why you want to contact the law offices of Maryam Parman before moving forward.

What about police dogs?

Police dogs do enjoy some protection under California law that prevents individuals from holding the police or the police dog itself liable for any bites or injuries sustained during an attack, but the police dog has to be acting “on-duty” for those protections to be valid.
You’ll have to know whether or not there are specific components to this law that apply to your specific situation before moving forward, which is another reason as to why you’ll want to make sure that you have quality representation in the region before you take any legal action.

Liability issues can be difficult to determine

Though the California law is pretty simple and straightforward regarding responsibility in the event of these kinds of attacks, the truth of the matter is proving liability and pursuing recourse can be a bit of a challenge without the help of legal experts that have gone down this path before.

You are going to have to determine:

  • Whether or not the victim of the attack was legally on the property where the incident occurred
  • Whether or not a particular dog caused the injuries in the first place
  • Exactly who owns the dog and who was responsible for the dog at that particular point in time
  • What kind of injuries were sustained during and after the attack…
    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Protect yourself (and your loved ones) moving forward

At the end of the day, the victims of dog bite injuries will usually always have the opportunity to pursue some kind of legal action that results in financial compensation (almost always covering medical bills and then some).
Emergency room costs, expenses related to your hospital stay, any wages that you’ve lost while out of work because of the injuries, and any procedure (including cosmetic) done to repair the injuries will usually be covered – as will your pain and suffering (physical as well as mental and emotional).

However, you’re only go into be able to recover those financial compensation packages with the help of the best legal representation in the region. That’s why you’re going to want to contact Maryam Parman at your earliest convenience (by dialing 866-598-5548) and asking for a completely free and zero obligation comprehensive consultation.

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