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Were You Injured At a Hotel Due To Bad Security

Our legislation requires hotels and resorts to ensure the safety and physical integrity of their guests.

Part of that obligation is to take appropriate security measures.

If better security could have prevented serious injuries, the victims could demand compensation for their losses and damages to the owners of those establishments.

Our award winning attorneys have more than 50 years of experience in fighting for compensation for families who have suffered injuries caused by the negligence of others.

Even though AirBnb has become a popular way for people to travel, hotels are still in high demand.

We have tried to cover most of the important information below that a hotel guest should know regarding security.

What is Inadequate Security and Which Factors Determine It?

The owner must ensure that the property meets the guarantee of habitability, which means that the facilities are suitable for human occupation and comply with building and health codes.

The landlord is responsible of making repairs to eliminate structural hazards, sanitation deficiencies, and any damage that endangers the health and well-being of tenants.

The lease may require the tenant to make some repairs and they then must repair the damage they have caused.

Nevertheless, guests expect their room and hotel building to be places where they can rest, sleep, and work in peace and safety.

Everyone has the right not to fear the danger of being beaten, robbed, and sexually assaulted (and/or raped).

The lack of hotel security can take many forms, but negligence manifests itself most frequently in the absence of:

  • Security cameras in corridors, garages, parking lots, and public areas
  • Appropriate locks on the doors of the rooms
  • Enough lighting
  • Security personnel
  • Aggressive and decisive treatment of violent or drunken guests

Guests have the right to hold all kinds of hospitality facilities accountable for injuries and deaths caused by a lack of adequate security.

Our firm has accumulated considerable experience in representing people affected by the negligence of hotels, motels, resorts, and cruise ships.


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What Safety Measures Can Hotels Take?

Security negligence can be solved in many ways:

– Providing adequate lighting

– Conditioning safe inputs and functional locks

– Enabling security cameras, hiring uniformed security personnel, and other security measures

– Providing warnings about possible risks. In cruises and hotels, and other public areas, homeowners may need to post signs of theft or other crimes that may occur in the area

– Providing adequate response to existing criminal activities.


Famous Case of Negligent Hotel Security

One child died after being hit by a van after he escaped from the hotel room in Orlando, Florida.

It was reported that the four-year-old minor with special needs, apparently took a chair, deactivated all the door locks, and left the hotel.

He was then hit by a van in front of the Extended Stay America Hotel, located at the intersection of South John Young Parkway and Sand Lake Road, at about 2:00 a.m.

This is a death that could have been avoided with better door locks and security personnel watching the entrance.

Owner’s Duty to Provide Adequate Security

Private business owners, such as those of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and shops, are required to ensure that their properties are safe for workers, visitors, patrons, customers, and others who use the property.

Unfortunately, in some cases, business owners put their profits before security and do not take adequate security measures.

When this negligence helps make room for criminal activity that causes injury, the affected party may have a negligent security claim against the owner of that property.

When property owners do not protect visitors and guests against possible injuries, it is necessary to have the advice of lawyers.

We can help hotel guests that experienced

  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Falling objects
  • Dog bites
  • Inadequate security

What does a plaintiff need to prove?

In general, if you are attacked on private property and the owner should have been aware of the risks and failed to protect you, you may have a security negligence lawsuit in California.

If you have been injured by violence or crime, it is important to seek compensation.

Doing so not only ensures that property owners take steps to prevent similar incidents from recurring in the future, but seeking fair compensation may also help you pay for your medical expenses, lost income, and other expenses associated with your Injuries.

If you have been a victim of a crime, there is no reason why you also have to become a financial victim if the negligence of a third party caused your injuries.


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Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you have been a victim of physical or psychological violence during your stay at a hotel, our lawyers are ready to fight for you.

Hotel companies often deny all responsibility for the criminal acts of employees and strangers.

If the owner failed to take steps to prevent the crime and if it could have been prevented, you could have a lawsuit.

To determine if you have a claim, you may want to talk to a personal injury lawyer here at Avrek Law Firm.

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