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Understanding California Truck Laws And Truck Accidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, (IIHS) a total of 3,660 died in large truck accidents in 2014.  Allowed by federal regulations to drive 11 hours at a time for a maximum of 77 hours a week, it is reported that many drivers violate these requirements, leading to increased risk of injury from drowsiness.  Taking 20-40% further to stop when carrying a heavy load, trucks can weigh 20 to 30 times more than a car.  As a result, it may not be shocking to know that the vast majority of deaths are caused to the passengers of cars that are in accidents with trucks.

Truck drivers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of other vehicles while they are on the road.  At the same time, they are not always capable of being safe.  Whether due to things like breaks not being properly maintained or being fatigued while driving, truck drivers can represent a danger.  As they have special responsibilities under federal and California laws, there is recourse if and when a truck driver causes an accident.


If you or someone you love has been in an accident with a truck, then it is incredibly important that you know what legal options are available to you.  As we have seen time and time again here at Avrek Law Firm, having a better understanding of semi truck regulations can result in more successful cases as the claims can be fully argued and supported by the evidence at hand.  With that I in mind, let’s take a moment to examine how you can protect your legal rights by looking at the truck regulations that you should be aware of going into this process.


Semi Truck Regulations In California


There are specific laws put into place regarding what semi trucks can and cannot do.  These laws are based on California Law, as well as codes issued by the United States.  Specifically relating to trucks, the information can easily be found on sites like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Public Utility Commission (PUC), and the Department of Transportation (DoT.)  The laws are responsible for regulating many aspects of truck driving, including and not limited to…

  • The amount of weight that the truck can carry
  • Who is allowed to be driving these vehicles on the road
  • How many hours a person may drive on any day and week
  • How long the truck can be operated before the driver pulls over for a nap
  • The type of training that a truck driver must receive before being allowed to legally drive the vehicle


Violating these laws does two things.  First, it put the lives of everyone else on the road at risk.  Second, it opens up potential avenues for litigation in the future.  Any person that is injured because of a truck should pursue a claim that argues that the laws and regulations were broken.  In doing so, it is easier to argue negligence.


How We Can Help With Truck Accidents


From beginning to end, let Avrek Law Firm represent you and your case.  Avrek Law Firm has a long track record of assisting clients with truck accidents. We will work with you to better understand the mitigating circumstances and to build a case around the individual responsible for the accident.  We understand how complicated and challenging it can be to recover from such an accident and we will do our best to provide the support and legal assistance you need and deserve.  Let us help you get back the maximum compensation for the injuries you have suffered.


If a tractor-trailer or a truck has injured you or someone you loved, then give Avrek Law Firm a call.  We can be reached at 866-598-5548.  We can answer any questions you might have in regards to truck accidents and measure the validity of your claim.

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