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Top 10 Defective Product Categories

The rise in the number of lawsuits over failures in goods and services is a trend of concern, especially in California, where this trend has been markedly accentuated.

Although most of the cases are similar to each other, that is, they consist of practically the same thing, all kinds of events occur: from contaminated food, to defects in the equipment and material used in certain sports and even failures in medical equipment.

A multitude of questions arise from this growing problem, some more relevant or interesting than others, but one that usually appears within most of the people newly interested in the subject is the following: What is the product segment that has been reported with the most failures? You said that a large number of cases are similar to each other’, so what is that similarity? What are the most common complaints?

On this occasion, we intend to provide a clear answer to these questions, which is why this letter is another of our characteristic news items. So read on to make yourself aware of this issue and, at the end of the reading, to share this writing with your friends or family so that they will also be informed about it.

Top 10 Defective Product Categories

Certainly, the number of categories relating to defects in goods or products is much higher than 10. However, we decided to choose 10 because it allows us to cover a large number of these categories; we are omitting some of them, it is true, but they do not have the same importance as the 10 that we are going to point out below. Statistically speaking, they’re irrelevant.


Not only are they increasing, but they are probably the most pronounced segment of defective product cases; failures in automobiles include carbon monoxide poisoning, dysfunctional vehicle braking systems, tire combustion, defects that cause sudden acceleration of the car, seat belt problems and more.

Evidently, a link has been found between the increase in traffic accidents – with their consequent misfortunes such as injuries or deaths in extreme cases – and the increase in cases of car defects. Considering, in this way, the very serious consequences of these cases, it is important that you choose good legal representation so that those affected can obtain justice; and you should not look any further, because we are here to be your legal representation.

Children products

As with automobile cases, defects in infant products have serious consequences. But in terms of consumer perception, defects in children’s products are a bigger problem. Let us explain: the average consumer, of course, may have a degree of awareness about the possibility of faults in his or her car. However, a parent, when purchasing an item for his or her child(ren), has the (ethically sound) belief that the product has undergone various tests to ensure its safety and security for the child. Not to mention, of course, that the manufacture of a car is more complex than that of a toy, so it is feasible to think that there can be faults in a car, while a toy is not.

And unfortunately, problems in the manufacture, manufacture or assembly of toys and other children’s products are among the most common as a category of defective products. We recommend being extremely careful with these items, because what is at risk is the child’s own integrity.

Home care products

Having a clean, neat and aesthetically pleasing home is an objective that most people set themselves. To achieve this, it is necessary to purchase a series of products manufactured specifically for home care. And it is completely unheard of that even these tasks pose any kind of risk due to the presence of faults in these household products. And they’re more common than you might think.


Sideboards, furniture and other products that are also linked to the aesthetic order of the home have been associated with unfortunate incidents, such as the crushing of children, which have caused their death. Although these cases are relatively recent, they have become one of the 10 most common litigation cases.

Medical devices: With regard to medical technology, the consumer perception we discussed earlier also plays an important role. It is assumed (and rightly so) that the medical devices will have no defects, but will work perfectly, allowing the person using them to heal completely. In practice, the opposite has happened: some medical devices have been flawed and, instead of saving a person’s life, have caused their loss.

Cleaning products

As we pointed out a moment ago, tasks as simple and irrelevant (in some ways) as cleaning and grooming the place where we live have become dangerous work. Cleaning products such as soaps, detergents and disinfectants (to name but a few) contain chemicals in their composition that, according to some studies, can cause allergic reactions, birth defects, cancer, tissue irritation, among others.

In these cases, negligence is evident in several ways, but mainly through the lack of information on these compounds and the proportion that is present in the product. If you want to look into this issue more closely, we recommend that you take a look at Senate Bill 258.

Contaminated food

It is a general rule that, in cases of damage caused by the ingestion of contaminated food or drink, there is negligence on the part of the company that produced it. This is because the food sector is one of the most regulated at the national level, so all companies, in theory, working in that sector must adhere to well-established parameters on the safety and quality of the products they are marketing.

In these circumstances, there is no room for justification in cases where a person was seriously affected by the consumption of food or drink in deplorable conditions. It is completely inconceivable that, in the 21st century, contaminated food or drink can be marketed – unheard of that we can get sick from eating these products. That is why negligence is always an element in this type of litigation.

Industrial machinery and equipment

Workers in the construction and general industrial sectors must use machinery and equipment that meet safety standards. A slight defect in such machinery can ultimately be the reason for the death of a worker, especially if we consider that this machinery is extremely heavy and its operation is not exactly an easy task.

For this reason, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the institution charged with enforcing workers’ rights, also pays close attention to the functionality of the equipment used by workers. OSHA supervisions always include machine safety as one of their objects of review.

Sports equipment

Even seemingly safe activities such as sports do not escape from defective products. Almost all sports require utensils, equipment and equipment that must be fully functional, without failure. Not only for the safety of the athlete, but also because his performance is linked to the efficiency of his “tools”.

So, you should also be careful when purchasing sports equipment. We have already dealt with numerous cases in which weight problems have been observed; defects in baseball gloves; faulty swimming equipment, among others. The athlete’s safety is seriously compromised if he or she uses equipment of questionable quality or origin.

Dress, jewelry and accessories

As the tenth most common category of defective products, we have clothing, jewelry and accessories. There is not much to say about it, just the same as always: an activity as normal as getting dressed and wearing garments and accessories is not without risks, since defects have also been reported in the manufacture of clothing (clothing), jewelry and accessories.

But it is important to highlight the following: there is a disadvantage with this type of product: defects are not visible to the naked eye and that is why they are so common. Manufacturers ignore them and are put on the market with the defects included. They do not know each other until there are victims, that is, when it is too late.

Finally, we invite you to write down our contact numbers. This way, in the event that you are involved in a mishap caused by a defective product, you will have no difficulty in obtaining legal representation that has full legal knowledge, experience in the area, expertise and willingness to seek justice, regardless of who you are dealing with.

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