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Tips For Buying Your First Motorcycle

The State of California leads the list of motorcycles registered in the country, and a large percentage of these are in the southern part of the state.

This is not particularly surprising considering the weather, the beautiful scenery, and traffic concerns in California.

Unfortunately, the more motorcycles there are, the more motorcycle accidents that will occur.

In California, motorcycle accidents peaked in 2008, then declined over the next two years, and then climbed again.

The increase in motorcycle crashes was particularly high in the Los Angeles County.

LA County recorded a 49% increase in the number of motorcycle crashes since 2003.

Experts attributed it to the increase in drivers with no experience on the streets.

If you are a new rider then read about tips for new motorcycle riders.

It’s always good to be prepared, so learn what to do after a motorcycle accident.


best size for motorycle

How Do I Decide on The Engine Size?

If you are going to take your first steps as a beginner on a motorcycle, look for a light bike without a lot of power.

Your confidence will increase if you can safely put both feet on the ground, with an engine that is not greater than 500cc.

It would be even better if you start with a 250cc bike that is meant for smaller rider (or beginners).

Improving your confidence and learning step by step is a key to being safe.

So the day you make the jump towards a more powerful motorcycle you will appreciate it while driving safely.

Speed is a top cause of motor vehicle accidents, so starting with a smaller bike is smart.

In addition, whatever bike you do buy make sure you get it insured.


best motorcycle for me

What About The Weight and Size?

Bikes, like clothes, need to adjust to our body.

There are enough dangers on the road for motorcyclists, you don’t need to add any disadvantages.

Most motorcycles have a standard size and are designed to be a good fit for everyone.

But there are exceptions that must be taken into account if you are especially tall or very short.

For bigger and taller people, a small motorbike can be uncomfortable.

Driving while cramped will not allow them to relax and we will be more prone to accidents.

Most sports bikes would not be the best choice for them.

For small or short people, a big motorbike is not recommended either.

A tall, bulky motorcycle with a high a seat can prevent them from reaching the ground with their feet and that can be dangerous.

If it’s going to be a person’s first bike, it’s important to not get a big one; there are bikes of all sizes, and there will always be one to fit each person.

Always keep in mind the importance of the height of the seat of the motorcycle.

Cruiser Style Motorcycles

A cruiser motorcycle is a motorcycle with the traditional United States style from the 1930s to the early 1960s.

Including those made by Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior, and Henderson.

In the cruise position, the rider usually has their feet forward and hands high, with their back straight or slightly tilted back.

The engine of a typical cruiser motorcycle emphasizes the easy maneuverability and change of speeds, as well as a great handling in low revolutions.

Cruisers with higher power, better brakes, and suspension are known as power cruising motorcycles.


sport bikes

Sport Bikes

A sport bike is a high-performance motorcycle intended for use on public roads, with more aggressive driving characteristics than a touring motorcycle.

Many sports motorcycles are derived from professional racing motorcycles.

Sports motorcycles are mostly equipped with a fairing, which improves their aerodynamics, in order to achieve higher speeds, usually above 170 MPH.

The driving position of a sports motorcycle is usually very aggressive, in the sense that it forces the body to be very forward in relation to the bike.

This offers stability in steering and facilitates aerodynamics.

Usually they are street motorcycles with a better relation of weight/power.

This is achieved with high displacement engines and light materials.

Touring Bikes

A touring motorcycle is a type of motorcycle specifically designed for long trips.

They have medium or large displacement engines, an upright driving position, large windshield and fuel tank, and suitcases on the sides of the rear.

Most well-known brands, such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, BMW, etc., have these types of motorcycles within their models.

Dual sport bike

Dual sports, Trail, BigTrail, or Adventur are classifications of motorcycles that can operate on paved or unpaved roads or tracks.

These motorcycles are designed to function in a segment where they stand-out for their versatility and originally serving in both asphalt and overland.

Although there are some models that still retain this duality, most of them are being used increasingly on the road, with brands looking for the concept of a “total motorcycle”.


motorcycle safety rules

New or Used? How Much Should I Spend?

Whatever bike you buy, you will be tempted to lane split, so learn more about the rules and laws.

Buying new or used bikes is always a very personal decision but it is interesting to consider the following:

Once we know what style of bike is the one that best suits us, it is time to ask ourselves something important; what budget do we have?

Keep in mind that buying a motorcycle does not only mean the bike.

If it is your first bike you must also include the equipment you need to enjoy it in that same budget, beside the basic safety apparel:

  1. a helmet
  2. gloves
  3. boots
  4. a jacket

When buying a new motorcycle, you are assured of advantages: warranty, payment options, and the impeccable condition of the motorcycle.

Although all this comes at a high price, it also comes with a sense of peace.

When buying a used motorcycle the price is always much lower and if its condition is good, many times it is worth before going over and buying a new motorcycle.

A used bike is usually a good option to start; beginners will take their first steps with fewer worries and this way deciding if starting in this world was a wise decision will always be much cheaper.

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