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Things Every Motorcycle Owner Should Have

Regardless of the motorcycle you own, the fact remains that riding a motorcycle is riskier than a car. A car is a 4-wheeled vehicle that has greater stability, while a motorcycle gets its stability from the motion imparted to it by the engine and the centripetal force balancing the centrifugal force. In case not driven skillfully by the rider, the motorcycle will tend to fall on its side.

Another point is that as the motorcycle is more dangerous to drive than a car, the chances of an accident are that much higher. In addition, studies show that there are more fatalities per 100 accidents on a motorcycle than in a car. These fatalities can be for many reasons, but one of them is the inadequate kit used by motorcycle riders. Hence, there is a need for users of motorcycles to be aware of the protective kit that is available for a rider.

The Head Is the Most Vulnerable Part of the Human Body

The head houses the brain, which is encased by a bony frame called the skull. One may get the feeling that this bony frame is adequate to protect the brain, but studies show that an impact on the skull at high speed is likely to damage the brain. The end result could be a brain hemorrhage or head injury that can be fatal, hence protecting the head is of paramount importance for a motorcycle rider. Motorcycle accidents that are fatal constitute about 5% of all fatalities, though the number of motorcycles in proportion to cars is very less.

Head Protection Only Possible with a Helmet!

It’s a very important piece of equipment and needs to be selected with care. Helmets come in many forms but are classified as a full or half helmet. The full helmet covers the entire skull and face and is best suited for a rider. It’s important that it fits in comfortably on the motorcyclist’s head. But before you buy one, it is imperative that you look for the dot label on the helmet. This is the manufacturer’s certificate that the helmet conforms to a federal standard. Dot requirements include three performance tests that include an impact test, a penetration test, and lastly a retention system test. This is really a test as to how much chance the helmet has of remaining on the head when a sudden rotational force acts on it.

Hence, buying a good helmet, though it may cost a few dollars more, is of considerable importance.

After the Head, the Next Important Part of the Body Is the Eyes

Motorcycles generally have no windshields, so eye protection with goggles or glasses is important. The rider needs to again select the best quality eyewear which should be shatterproof.

Next in Importance Is the Driving Suit

If possible, get one as it will make you feel a lot more comfortable. Gusts of wind and vagaries of weather will then be taken care of. In case you do not wish to wear a composite suit, then wear jackets which should have long sleeves. Pants should be slim and trim so that they are not a hindrance while driving. The material for these driving suits needs to be durable. Leather is a good option, though a little costly. If you can’t afford leather, then go in for synthetic material like nylon.

In Addition…

There are some other pieces of equipment that can be termed minor and include gloves and shoes. For heaven’s sake, don’t drive a motorcycle barefoot or with sandals or slippers; that’s a recipe for disaster! A proper shoe is a must. Preferably wear boots that cover the ankles. Gloves will protect your knuckles from the weather as well as the cold. In addition, they will help you get a better grip on the handlebar. Select a good pair of gloves that fit your fingers and thumb in a comfortable manner. Again, leather gloves are the best for this.

Select your motorcycle clothing with care and a lot of love. What you wear will give you confidence and you will be the master of the motorcycle. It should not be the other way around. And with us behind you, there is even more reason for you to feel confident!

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