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The Alarming Rise of Hit and Run Accidents in Los Angeles

The Investigative journalist from NBC4 I-Team in Los Angeles reported an alarming situation that the hit and run accidents in Los Angeles is rising to an alarming level. The report said that a hit-and-run takes place every 18 minutes.

This statistic was culled from the report of California Highway Patrol on the reported hit and run accidents in Los Angeles area for the year 2015. According to the Highway Patrol data as scrutinized by the NBC I-Team, there were 28,000 hit-and-run collisions and crashes all over Los Angeles County. In an another report, 50 percent of all car crashes and collision occurred within the territorial jurisdiction of Los Angeles are hit-and-run cases.

An Alarming Figure

Hit-and-run incidences of the entire United States, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA) is merely 11 percent, while the Los Angeles registered as much as 50 percent. A very alarming figure. However, most hit-and-run incidents only resulted in damages to the car, like driver smashing another parked car resulting in scratches, dents and broken lights and glasses. There were only a few reported cases that resulted in injuries and death.

Victims of hit-and-run cases and their families were left to handle on their own the medical and other related expenses. And, there will be no one to blame or to be held liable and accountable for the wrongful death or for personal injury.

An Inhuman and Cowardice Acts

In a hit-and-run incident, the erring driver should be held responsible, however, solving those cases is quite a big problem for the police officers and the injured individual. The city of Los Angeles initiated a Hit-and-run Reward Program to urge the public to report to the proper authority the hit-and-run incidents they have witnessed. Their information may lead to the arrest of the erring drivers and to hold them liable and accountable for the wrong they have done.

Under this reward system has lead in several arrests and conviction for a criminal felony of the hit-and-run drivers, while withholding the identity of several informants.

Avrek Law Firm as part of their social responsibilities to the community, also started a reward system, where they give a monetary reward to an individual who could give information that may lead to the apprehension of the erring drivers who run away leaving their victims on the scene of the accident.

This social responsibility had been the centerpiece of their missions together with some other social programs they have started long time ago.

In the State of California, it is illegal for a motorist not to assist an injured person they have seen along their route. They have to stop at the scene and wait for the authorities to arrive. They are mandated by the state law to give important information to the responding police officers.

Avrek Law Firm 

Avrek Law Firm is a team of lawyers with vast experience in personal injury claims, either by settlements or by court litigations. Their combined years of experience made them as the highly successful personal injury attorneys in town. The law firm offers specialized legal and litigation services for personal injury and or wrongful death as a result of the following:

  • Car Accident
  • Bicycle Accident
  • Commercial Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workplace Accident, and
  • Product defect

The main concern of the firm is the protection of the legal rights of its clients to be compensated for the injury sustained or wrongful death to the maximum that may be granted under the existing Federal Laws and State Statutes. Lawful compensation includes the actual expenses incurred for medical expenses, rehabilitation, loss of income, and restitution of the damaged or lost personal properties and compensation for temporary and or permanent disabilities suffered during the accident.

The firm’s dedicated attorneys will also work hard that the injured person should be given such other compensation provided under the existing laws, like as compensation for the pain and sufferings and etc.

You can easily reach Avrek Law Firm by phone at 866-598-5548 or you can request a free consultation and see if you have a case.

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