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Teenagers Please Do Not Text While Driving

Teenagers Please Do Not Text While  Driving

The Dangers of Texting While Driving

 In the United States, one of the major problems on the roads is drivers who text or use their phones while they are driving. Although laws have been put into place in most states to discourage drivers from using their cell phones while they are driving, many drivers still choose to be distracted by their phones.

The age group that is most guilty of texting while driving are the teenagers. As a matter of fact, an average of 11 teenagers die every day in the USA because of texting while driving. Aside from texting, teenagers are also distracted by other activities while driving such as adjusting the volume or turning the channel on the radio, interacting with the other passengers of the vehicle, and eating their meals. All of those activities can be harmful and dangerous if the person doing those is driving a vehicle. The most dangerous of those activities is texting while driving.

Texting while driving is a very dangerous thing to do because it distracts the driver from his focus on the road. Being distracted from focusing on your driving can lead to vehicular accidents. Vehicular accidents do not only cause harm and damage to vehicles and other properties but could also potentially cause harm and damage to people. The combination of being distracted and the teenagers as inexperienced beginners in driving can cause damages, injuries, and even deaths.

Research and studies show that texting while driving is probably going to cause accidents even more than drunk driving. Statistics show that 1 out of 4 vehicular accidents in the US or approximately 1.6 million vehicular accidents occur in the US every year because of texting while driving.

Because of the potential harm and dangers of texting while driving, laws have been set up in many states like California to prevent it from happening. Parents and adults are also encouraged to always remind the teenagers about the dangers of texting while driving as well as reminding them to use their phone when they are no longer driving a vehicle.

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