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Personal injury cases can be very complex and highly nuanced. Predicting a case outcome may at most times seem like a foregone conclusion. This is until well heeled insurance lawyers enter the scene. Personal injury lawsuits can be very contentious, especially in the case of psychological trauma or whiplash injuries. These can be difficult to prove or even quantify, and differing expert opinions only complicate matters.

Any personal injury case will be best handled by an experienced Campbell personal injury attorney team. They can deploy vast resources and expertise, to relentlessly pursue personal injury claims. Avrek Law Firm is a top California personal injury firm, whose lawyers have been widely honored by prestigious publications for their expertise. Our thirty year history of legal practice has been dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured persons, to obtain fair compensation occasioned by the negligent acts of others.

Campbell personal injury attorney

Avrek Law Firm has been a leading provider of high caliber legal services to the residents of Campbell. This lovely city has borne the brunt of numerous personal injury cases, arising from vehicular accidents. Our car accident attorneys have handled car accident injury cases for decades in this city, delivering fair compensation for victims. This includes injured pedestrians and bicycle accident victims.
Medical malpractice cases have also been a regular focus of our San Jose legal team. Many patients who entrust their lives to medical professionals end up with serious injuries. These are caused by medical professionals performing unwarranted procedures. They can also result from wrong prescriptions given to sick patients, who end up dead. Medical injuries can cost enormous sums in extra procedures to rectify mistakes, especially in the case of serious surgeries.
More common and widespread personal injury happens on a daily basis through slip and fall accidents. These are caused by wet sidewalks and walkways, or by obstructive objects and cables. They can lead to serious injury, including permanent disability. San Jose residents are also routinely injured by bites and scratches from pets, which can be traumatizing especially on children.

How the law protects injured persons

The law recognizes the responsibility that every citizen has in protecting the life and health of others. Careless actions that injure others can have permanent and negative effects on the lives of others. An injured person is by law justified to seek damages, in order to mitigate the costs, pain, and suffering occasioned by the injury.

Psychological traumas that include insomnia, mental anguish, and loss of consortium are also recognized as legitimate grounds for seeking restitution. Compensation law is aimed at restoring the quality of life of an injured person as much as possible.

What to expect from a personal injury settlement

The settlement reached by an insurance company is preferably negotiated out of court. This is to ensure the injured person receives just compensation without the delays of a court process. This is important when medical bills and other costs are required to enable the injured person to receive treatment.

However, there are many cases where insurance companies vigorously contest personal injury claims. This is common especially where the injury is not physical, or there is evidence of negligence on the part of the claimant. In such cases, the services of a San Jose personal injury attorney will be very critical in ensuring the injured person gets just compensation.

Personal injury settlements and awards cover the following losses, depending on their extent and severity:

Physical and mental injury
•Permanent and temporary disability
•Loss of past and future earnings
Wrongful death of a family member
Medical, legal, rehabilitation, and equipment costs
Avrek Law Firm has been at the vanguard of the defense of the rights of personal injury claimants. We are the top personal injury law firm, and offer the greatest chance of securing the highest level of compensation for you.